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You know...
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You called it :)
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I couldn't agree with you more!!
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I totally agree with that observation
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the New York Times gives you reason, today (September 7, 2018) Trump seeks the mole who describes him as an asshole :-)))
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:icontrumpplz: Ha ha... Don't blame Trump... He's being controlled by the alien creature sitting on top of his head. :D
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You sir are my hero! I'll share my take on this shithead.…
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Can't Trump the King! 2016!
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Can't Stump the Trump!  If border enforcement support makes me an asshole, so be it.
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Amen!  Unfortunately there are two many other assholes that support him.
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que foda esse trampo!
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You didn't do justice to the 'dead squirrel combover', tho.
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I know, you are right
However you have captured a new *croissant* perspective which brings out tones of high cholesterol and flaky.  Casca-grossa.

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you should do the whole deck...I'm certain there are at least 51 more out there in politics right now. Nice work!
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Thanks. ...And thats a super awesome idea! ;)
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