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Drink More Coffee

Another old ad...
I really liked this one, i think i got the feeling of those old ads, the character, the colors, type and the custom "coffee" logo i made... and i love coffee too... lol :)
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Very nice - and glad that you are pleased with the result too... <smiles>
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Is ti too expensive to buy this art?
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No, not expensive. But honestly, i think i lost this file a long, loong time ago. If you want to buy i can check if i still have the file and if not is easy to re-create it. Let me know
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May I use this image on my blog about Coffee?
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With a link to my gallery is ok
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I think I might have a cup right now.
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This is the second time in two days that I've found a cool image that linked back to you. You are my new favorite typographer! Love your designs, what inspires your decorative and vintage typography?
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Probably one of the best posters/ads I've seen in years :-)

10 / 10
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Nice add , but the price should be a dime with free refills . Up till the 60's coffee was 10 cents . I remember my father being outraged in the late 60's when coffee went upto 50 cents .
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I've featured you here [link] , I hope you appreciate it! I'm a big fan of yours ^_^
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Yes, i appreciate. Thanks a lot :)
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wonderful, I love that style!
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i like this, simple, attractive & funny ;)
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the Coffe (after this ad)
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I wana by it! :D
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Coffee, just what I need right now!

Indeed looks like and old ad, typography and color really make the trick. The character is great too. And the 50 cents logo is a great detail.

Nice work.
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Great retro feel to this. You've captured the tone of the old ads rather well.
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