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Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Promo Poster

So this is how I spent my summer, drawing this epic #SpyroReignitedTrilogy piece for work at Toys For Bob. It was also the last thing I did on Spyro having joined the concept art team back in Dec 2017. I feel honored to finally be able to work on a video game period and beyond thrilled that it this one. I started the 90's in the 6th grade and ended the 90's in Berlin for the Millennium in the Army. Drawing the whole time trying to get to this point in my life. It feels like the culmination of a lifelong dream. 

So worth the effort.

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Loved this on the first Playstation.

Beautiful piece.

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i have it

its really good

got a few esthetic mods for fun

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Saw this in the artbook (which I got today with the Crash 4 artbook) Such a breathtaking piece ^^

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Oh wow!!! Absolutly beautiful. Goergous!

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its beautiful
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In a better world (hopefully the next, yes I believe in reincarnation, sort of) where Spyro is owned by a company better than Activision, you headed your own Spyro animated series
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Holyyy crap. This is amazing. I just started drawing and I'm looking for any constructive criticism and critiquing ^.^

Magnificent! No wonder this is on TVtropes!
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Where can I buy this poster?!  I'm dead serious.
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In my store at thx!
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You and the other artist on Toys for Bob has really REIGNITED my love for these great characters ^^
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It's a marvelous art piece! Truly! I loved playing the Reignited Trilogy! Are those five adult dragons in the roster the Dragon Leaders of the five realms in the first game? :3
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I hope the Spyro Reignited trilogy comes for the PC some time next year , The Reimaginings for the characters really fit their overall  look tone and personality.
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This is my desktop wallpaper, man! Wow amazing finding you here on deviantart. Thanks for contributing to my childhood dream coming true! :heart: Spyro Reignited Trilogy - Happy Spyro Icon 
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Awesome to hear that! Thank-you!
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Congrats! It looks awesome.
How much work did you have alongside this piece that you were expected to complete, if you can say? I just did my first 12 character commission. I think it has been my largest so far, and I felt really worried throughout that I wouldn't be able to finish it within what would be a timely manner. I'm curious how the workflow on pieces like this for a company go!
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It varies from company to company. On my Gameinformer, I had 2 weeks from concept to line arts to final colors. With this piece, they gave me plenty of time but there was a lot of back and forth to make sure each character "felt" right and there was enough space and balance between the characters and the background.  It was very challenging and if I hadn't already spent the last 10yrs drawing and coloring multi-character pieces I don't think I would have had the creative stamina to see this one thru. 

The studio was totally supportive but I'm rather hard on myself. I put all other projects aside for an entire month to get this done. I can't tell you how long it ultimately took hours wise, because to count them would just add more pressure to myself mentally. I just tried to focus on each character as they came up, adjusted for revisions and moved on to the next thing. Then there was the coloring setup, then the colors... THEN I had to digipaint the bg.

It's a lot of effort, so if you feel like it's hard, it is. Don't expect to be done in under two weeks unless yur a creative genius. I'm most certainly not lol 
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Thank you so much for your thorough answer. I don't blame you for putting other projects aside; I could see myself doing the same for such a project.
It's a beast of a lineup. Your effort really shows, and it came out lovely.
Thanks again for your time!
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Your colors are fantastic
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