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SketchCraft Podcast 054 - Fez No More



SketchCraft Episode 054- - Fez No More


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Sketches@Midnight 008 by RobDuenas Sketches@Midnight 007 by RobDuenas

Music Info: I've licensed all my tunes thru Audio Jungle,  from composer  Maxim Paramonov & MadOcean, You can find more of their music here:  &

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I have to be honest, I think a lot of people, including Phil Fish himself, might be better off without him causing drama on Twitter.
That is not to say I don't feel bad for the guy because he's clearly a vulnerable personality (what stood out the most to me in Indie Game - The Movie was when he said "I don't know why I care so much, but I do"), but whether he's still secretly developing Fez 2 or not, it seems in his own interest to stay out of social networks.
Interestingly enough, when Phil Fishs talks/comments/tweets/... he may come off as arrogant, aggressive, even spiteful. Yet, the game FEZ is nothing like that. He pours that part of himself into the game that is nothing like the Phil Fish we get to see on the outside and therefore, likely, his "true self" (if it was any different, FEZ would probably be much more like South Park).

To me, it's a sad example of how not to get involved in an industry. That, and "if Michael Bay and Robert Liefeld can continue to make stuff..." is what I take away from this :XD: