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Star Wars t-shirt design for work, no guarantee it will EVER get made folks. I create 20 plus shirts a week every week, maybe 1.3 out of those ever go to stores. I posted this cause I drew it all in Photoshop. Yup, his sucker is 100% digital. Using just the hard brush for 98% of the art, the clouds are with my prisma brush both are avail in the link below. I really need to make a Struzan style set sometime, think it would be fun. Oh and it says Star Wars and not ESB cause stores prefer global branding rather than movie specific logos.

Drawn entirely in Photoshop CS4 (could be made in any version., btw)

My Brushes -


:bulletred: Sketchcraft - The podcast for art, design, and process junkies. - [link]
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I'm wearing that shirt right now
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your skills are marvelous!!
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This piece is tight, my son rocks that shirt at school. Thanks for
Providing us true fans with clothing...
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Was my honor! thx for sharing!
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i'm a big fan on the .3 of shirts that get made, big fan
TURNIP-SLOP's avatar
Oh god I want it so bad! If it ever does get made will you link us to the website?
wow great work dood!
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Wow, masterfully done.
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That's great, can't go wrong with Star Wars.
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Very nice ESB piece! I thought this was done on ink pen! On the SW branding, yeah I can see how retailers simply use global branding rather than the actual specific stuff.
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must have taken an age to do, but it is amazing
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/whistle wow. This is amazing :)
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This must have taken you quite a while to achieve, well done.
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Oh snap! I can't imagine how long it took you to make this. :O
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Forget the t-shirt. Make it a poster sized print instead.
joelbennettdesign's avatar
Well done. must have taken forever since its hand drawn and all
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You should make this a print!
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