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Dragons Lair - Daphne

By RobDuenas
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Here 1 of 2/3 pieces I did for Girls of Gaming 7 (I say 2/3 cause.. well you'll see soon lol) For this piece I asked to do something old school, frankly as a little geek growing up I was awestruck with Daphne first time I saw the game in a Chuck E. Cheese lol I really tried to keep everything in an 80's feel, as if it was production art for the actual game. I've been at quite a few Don Bluth panels, but last SDCC I got the opportunity to talk with him and Gary Goldman for 20-30 minutes and demo the Cintiq for him (a total fluke just sketching on the Cintiqs at Con lol) One of the best exp of my life, I have a tremendous respect for animators, they are at the top of the art game imo, its HARD HARD work lol

Art and Colors by Me.

The new issue of Girls of Gaming 7 will be ready this week, I will be at SDCC signing copies if you pick one up, hope to all see you there, here's a link to the site

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I love how Singe is just conked out in the the back there.
MashedPaDaders's avatar
The greatest treasure off all, a pair of nice tits. XD
Hergman's avatar
oh my!

speaking of Don Bluth, i wonder how his new movie project is going?
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Gorgeous work!
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before there was dark souls, there was dragons lair
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Gr8t job on this
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Play this game. Cost .50 to play. 
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I love this picture so much! I really wanna recreate it (I'm a Daphne cosplayer). Just gotta make a friend with a machine :P
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lol Awesome! if you ever do, keep me informed :) thx!!!
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Is the cartoon good?
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Seriously awesome
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I think she actually looks better here than in the actual game ;p
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I remember playing this on a CD-I.... mann that thing was SOOOOOOOO hard to get right. Nice redo man
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I thought that this was a movie for a while.
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Which program is done
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And suddenly everyone realizes WHY Dirk was willing to risk so many horrible deaths to rescue her.
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Damn! She's hot! O.O
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Wow awesome resemblance - nicely done.
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What a fantastic rendition of Daphne! I love classic Don Bluth, and you've certainly done him proud here. :love:
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