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Design Phun -Spiderman 01

By RobDuenas
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UPDATE:  Hey all check the date I posted this, about a full year before Miles was created. I actually pitched this idea to Kevin Grevioux when he was writing for Marvel but sadly he didn't think they would ever go for it. Just came out of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and it was everything I had envisioned nearly 10 yrs ago. It was just an idea whose time had come. Bravo.
However, I will be reposting this every #spidermanday just cause :)


Hey all I put together a new podcast where venture into character/costume design, starting off with Spider-man. A total revamp using Donald Glover as a casting choice for Peter Parker. Be sure to have a listen here...…
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Great design

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I am going to be honest here; I absolutely hate the idea of making Peter Parker black. Miles was a much, much better way of doing a black Spider-man.

I loved Into the Spider-Verse. That is the perfect way of getting more diverse legacy characters while also showing respect to the originals.

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Awesome dude. Like the designs for Spidey here!

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wow man they literally copied you, they owe you big time, grats on seeing your ideas come to life though
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Wow, so your some type of Spider-Moses?
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Sucks though that you got passed up on.  The similarities and concepts seem too uncanny.  Wish you could get some kind of credit for this
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Yeah, I remember seeing this years before I learned about Miles. 
Ultimately, it was a great idea!
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cool. I check out the pod cast a bit later. 
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I honestly like the idea of having black Peter Parker more than Miles Morales. He adds more ratial diversity, while still remaining the same character ^^
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That's exactly why I like miles though, he's not the same character, he has his own uniqueness and personality compared to good ol Pete, I love Peter Parker but I think miles is a great successor to Peter Parker no matter his skin color.
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My gripe is that to me, Miles doesn't have a personality. He's just... Miles.
But Spider-Verse seems to have fixed that problem. He seems like a different character from Peter, with his own feel.
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Spiderverse miles is exactly what he needed as a character. He's genuinely likable.
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Why not just give him another name, instead of Peter Parker? In any case this would be more like miles morales.

Not a bad suit though.
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Look at the date, I designed this before there ever was a Miles Morlaes.
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Good creative but he looks too odd because arms and legs are too skinny.. A way too skinny than normal people!
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And you have my respect for that
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Nice Spider-Man redisighn!
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tf this is suppposed tobe moles milraes
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No I designed and posted this almost 2 years before he was created. Check the date.
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