More Smugglers, Less Sabers!!

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I just felt like sharing some thoughts and rants so here we go...
Like any Star Wars Fan I'm super stoked about Episode VII, but of course still a bit tentative.
Here are the reasons I'm excited:
- Turkeyneck Lucas is out of the picture
- Ben Burtt and John Williams still on board!
- J.J. Abrams is hopeful (to me anyway)
- Disney seems to respect the property
- OT actors returning

But if I had one wish, and I can't be alone on this, it would be to have a MUCH smaller Jedi presence.  I'm so sick of Jedi.  Yes lightsabers are cool, yes force powers are cool, but personally I'm so sick of them.  That isn't ALL the Star Wars universe has to offer.
And of COURSE there will be Jedi stuff going on.  It's inevitable, but I would personally like it to take a back seat.  Especially since the prequels totally RUINED anything cool about the Jedi.  Yes they could do all sorts of cool stuff like jump really high, deflect laser beams, force push and whatever.  But there are so many other cool things they can do that just weren't "cool" enough apparently.  Anyone who has read any of the EU novels knows what I'm talking about.  Luke did all kinds of cool things.  Remember the Krayt Dragon call that Obi-Wan did in Episode IV?  Luke did that in Thrawn trilogy and it was awesome.  He also did cool stuff like a meditation that kind of put his body into "stasis" to conserve energy and to heal.  At the beginning of the Jedi Academy Trilogy he and Lando were in a space station and Luke did a cool trick where he used "enhanced short term memory" to where he basically rewound what he had just witnessed to find someone in his peripheral vision.  Anyway there were so many cool tricks like that we never got to see, and it was probably due to "Turkeyneck's" hate for the Expanded Universe canon.  But I digress.

Here's what I DO want to see more of:
Smugglers (It probably won't happen but I'd LOVE to see Talon Karrde or Mara Jade)
Bounty Hunters (Boba Fett's return.  If they showed a flashback him escaping the sarlacc that would be frickin EPIC)
Space Battles
Space Stations
More stuff in space!  (The prequels were too grounded on random planets)
Blaster Fights
CG only where it needs to be
Practical sets
If there has to be Jedi I'd like to see more disciplined powers, not just all the offensive stuff we've seen.

Anywho there's my rant/thoughts/dreams :)

I'd love to hear what you think!

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I'd like to see more lightsaber colours beyond blue, red, green, and the occassional purple for lightsabers and darksiders both, few to no references to the events/characters of the PT, and no use of the terms "youngling", "midi-chlorian", "padawan", or "Darth" if it's not Vader being referred to.
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Yes!!  tHANK YOU!
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I agree with most of what you said. I'm cautiously optimistic! Star Wars forever! :jedi:
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YAY!  OI!!  Put that saber down ;)
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The only thing I can contribute is that R2-D2 is called C1-P8 in Italian.
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I think you're totally right. The EU is why a lot of people became hardcore Star Wars fans. Exploring it could only be a good thing.
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YUP!  I'm a huge EU nerd :D
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More bounty hunters would be awesome. I've never been a huge fan of Star Wars, but I love to play the games and don't mind reading the lore, as weird as that may be.

But I'd totally watch a movie with more Bounty Hunters/Smugglers. Jedi's are kind of ... annoying? I think you're right, they pushed it too much in one direction (can't play the MMO without a random Jedi player trying to show off either. I mean, jet packs are so much more fun ...)
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LOL yeah seriously.  Never tried the MMO.  Maybe someday :D
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