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Hello to all!  I'll probably no longer be posting on deviant art.  You can follow my new artwork here :)
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This is sad news man.. you're leaving dA for facebook and facebook just kicked me out..
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Sorry to hear that bro.  Did you happen to use your icon as a your profile pic?  :D  LOL  I keed, I Keed!  Seriously thanks for all your support and encouragement over the years :D
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LOL.. No. It was my name.. "Shelly In Space"
Facebook, from some strange reason, didn't believe that that was my actual name
and polietly demanded that I provide 2 pcs of Government Issued ID before they threatened to lock me out.. 
Needless to say, I didn't show my ID because, 'fuck you, facebook!'
I have an alternate account... I'll find you - I'm just pissed because I spent all those years on that one page with all my peeps and posts and whatnot..
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On the one hand, sad to see you go.  On the other, sounds like you won't really be gone!  :)
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I'll still be drawing no doubt ;).  I appreciate all your support over these past years bro.  You know where to find me ;)
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Can I ask why you're leaving?
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Sure :).  I just grow tired of all the ads (most of which I find kind of unsavory) and the fact that most people would rather just "reblogg" or repost on their tumblr/twitter/you name it sites instead of commenting or favoriting.  Too many trolls, emo's and negative people lately.  Facebook may not be much better but the ads are a little cleaner and less annoying :).  I appreciate the good folks like you who actually comment and give me good feedback.  :D
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I understand your reasoning.  I myself have contemplated whether DeviantArt is still relevant to my artistic needs the way it used to be.
I wish you well in your endeavors and look forward to seeing your work on Facebook.
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Thanks for the kind words!  See you there :)
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