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Bones, rattling in the dark

The skeleton fight from the original "Jason and the Argonauts" film is one of my all time favorite monster fights. I wish more movies would use skeletons; with today's special effects capabilities, I bet they could do something really spectacular.
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I actually based the first real fight of my 5th edition D&D game on this picture - magical darkness to leave the party worried, water so they couldn't move quickly or quietly, and then the slow splashing of unseen enemies shambling about in the dark...

Granted, my players responded by literally powersliding between the legs of one of the skeletons and upper-cutting it's pelvis so hard that its skull flew off, but the initial fear effect was definitely there.
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Indeed. Skeletons are, sadly, vastly underused.

Incidentally, Awesome!
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Love the Mignola-esque art style!
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Well, that brings back some memories...
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Nicely done. Got some Mignola in there. :)
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Nice work.
I agree, a few more skeleton fights would be nice.
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This is awesome, this makes me think of the short comic I made XD
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Nicely done! Lights and shadows are ok, but i commend you for getting the feeling all right. It gave me the creeps and made me want to play some old tricks on a new way.
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Tis a movie that I've yet to see, but it's one of which I do know a thing or two. Indeed, the shading and intensity that you bring about from this scene is definitely astonishing to see.

Maybe I should finally sit back and watch it in full one of these days.


Thanks for the swell share; keep up the goodness!
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Very atmoshperic, illumination looks awesome.
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