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Ordinary Girls: #ibroughtafriend

By Robclassact
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Coming up next in Ordinary Girls 050: "Con week fun times." Also considering the title "Round 1: Fight!"

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Another fantastic render by :iconstone3d: and there's still more to come! If you're serious about muscle ladies, be sure to check out their gallery

Also, thanks to :icona0040pc: for suggesting Whitley cosplay as Power Girl . Alicia claims she thought of it first though, and I wouldn't argue with her.
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One thing I can imagine happening is someone noticing Whitley and then goes up to Alicia...

Random Person: Wow Alicia your friend is super tall, how tall is she?

Alicia (with a smile): She's 7'3 and still growing like a weed.

Whitley (from a far): Hey, I'm 7'2 1/2 and I'm not growing that fast!
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All we can do is wait for chapter 50. The suspense builds.
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Just like Kale's power level.
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When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought Whitley was some sort of Mickey Mouse!
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Yup, and then you can't unsee it :-D
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Great picture. Thanks for the mention
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Thanks for the idea!
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And the fact that Whitley is so tall it can be explained as Tanya using her growth powers.
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