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Still playing with David Metlesits' Nebula class models. Background is a Frankenstein creation from many resources. DAZ Studio 4.12 and Photoshop.
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It's a beautiful use of color. Trek shows really need scenes like this one. :) (Smile) As for the ship's crew, they're either awestruck or saying their prayers. Wink/Razz 
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Not sure the scale comes through, not sure why, but, on the other, better, less sticky hand, that's only composition, both elements are very cool.
Might be something with the lighting, having the underside of the suacer gently purpled, maybe? Not sure...  Wouldn't the great space wobbly (Which my unfortunate brain has decided is Van Meyer's Tradegy because it's always set to modelling mode and prefers iceberg names) be casting the underside into shadow? Think it might be there - if the pink undercracker englowing comes from that it visually implies the thing is much smaller and closer. Or not, I genuinely don't know, this feels like one of those situations where it'll turn out it's only the Buzzard Collectors that are actually lighting her up and so all of these musings are but wafty bollocks.

We never did get to see all those birds of prey, did we? Or find out why they were such a problem...*

Yes. So, but, anyhoo, easily as good as anything coming out of the places these things come out, I'm probably looking for something to snark at through sheer damned contrariness :-)

* No, no, random third party, stop, I know it's bussard, not buzzard, I know what they're for and what they do, that was a joke, no need to pipe up, you're stronger and braver in stoic silence.
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I'm always looking for any excuse to add color. B&W high contrast space is dullsville :p
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Heh. Sure. Oddly that's usually my starting point when explaining how you'd make a Fantastic Four movie that didn't glow boats.

Followed very shortly by explaining who Xemnu is and why he's needed.
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He certainly has some very detailed 3D models ;) 
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