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Traveller Air Rafts

Slow day at the day job, so I had time to scan and tweak some more "classics" from the 80's. This is a presentation of some of the more common Traveller air raft types, culled from my work on DGP's "101 Vehicles", cleaned up, and reformatted.

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These do have a nice, good futuristic vibe. I wonder if we'll see them in the future of Earth?
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Always loved your Traveller art, and this is a really nice presentation of it.  Thank you.
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I really need to check in on Deviant Art much more often to keep up with all the awesome Traveller related stuff! Love it Rob!
I'm just finding your works now....Wow....yes, your Traveller porn is fantastic.

You know how to please me, also.  Pictures of raw steel equipment for the Traveller universe always get my heart going.

May I use this in our monthly newsletter for the "Entropic Worlds Campaign?"  Yahoo Group:…

This to show the players the various designs.
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I take it the lack of thrusters is what restricts the high altitude air rafts from the Vacuum ops model? Or can pressure suited crew use them to get from orbit to planet and so on?
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Thrusters and a fully pressurized environment would be the main differences, I'd expect. It's been a long time since I pondered this so I can't be more specific.
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I can add to that collection.  

Right now my "yellow cab" is a work in progress and I'll not release it before its time. 

For a delivery van I took the overall dimensions and shape of a Chevy commercial van and modeled it in Blender.  I have to double check to see if I contributed ti. 
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amaaazing work :D 
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And here I think I've seen most 'classic' Traveller art and just more seems to pop-up, a good thing of course !
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Happy to oblige! ;)
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Great designs. Love it :)
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Thanks! It's pretty fun collecting all these in one place.
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I love the "beastie tally" painted on the side of the Safari 'raft.


"Yeah, three zlorgs, a knarg - the greater spotted kind, of course - and a crested jabberwock. That one bit my leg off while I was reloading."

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Heh - glad you noticed the kill marks. You can almost make 'em out, too - a few Snoopy dogs, a trio of Gieger aliens, an elephant, et al.....
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This is beautiful work. I can't believe I've never seen it. "101 Vehicles"? What year was that published?
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I think 101 Vehicles was published around '88, give or take one year.
Did you have any of the other DGP products?
Definitely 1988. I still have my original copy. :) It's one of the best supplements in a stack of high quality supplements put out for the MegaTraveller version of Traveller simply because the art was so good it helped bring the game alive in the imagination of players, including me.

Thank you so much for it; it's made the last 25 years of my Traveller campaigns much easier to run!
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:blush: That's wonderful to hear!
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None. I am not even certain what the abbr stands for. Were they independent of GDW?
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