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The Gray Warrior

This is just a quick little try out with a SPECULAR lil' Predator model by KPL Originals… (background by FrostBo). My title is a double entendre of sorts, referring to both it gray color scheme and the gray area of international law in which it operates. We (the U.S.) are not "at war" with Pakistan or Yemen, yet we fly these craft over their airspace attacking targets AND innocent (collateral damage) civilians with our political talking heads excusing it as "the cost of war".

Like many friends and fans of military aviation that I've spoken with, I find myself often feeling conflicted. Military aviation really is the cutting edge of the field and I'm drawn to the amazing capabilities of these creations. But as a pacifist my fascination comes with an equal measure of guilt in many cases. So... with that, I hope you can enjoy this deadly beauty... with or without restriction.
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Hi Rob, nice piece. I cover drones for, with a bunch of interesting articles showcasing work from scholars on a monthly basis. If you are curious about topics related to drones, check it out!
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death from above it comes like a thief in the nite.
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Or day. Either way it's ethically complicated.
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The gray A-Hole.
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a Machine that wrought devastating sadness Ugly war symbol

I cannot render this are nice work its sinsult to humanity
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Machines have no inherent evil. It's how they're used that brings a moral judgement into play and that judgement falls on the people controlling them.

On one hand you can view drones as you would any military aircraft, with the main difference being the pilot's life is not at risk. But the fact that they're operated by the CIA is down right creepy and sends it into a morally-gray area at best.
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Well, I do know normal air force pilots control drones. And I also know said drone "pilots" still have PTSD issues.

But when you have spooks using them, then things get scary.

But I agree with you about them not being evil, especially when humans are actively controlling them. Not giving them orders or directions, but controlling them fully. They're just like aircraft. Just without a cockpit, and the pilot far from the front lines.
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Nice work regardless!
hiding in the sky, controlled by a dummy far far away from the battle field...! not a warrior..!!
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Well... you miss the double entendre. The "gray" refers to whole moral ambiguity of the concept.
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from transformers prime
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Never was much of a Transformers guy.... ;)
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still looks like him in real life hehehe
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I liked the plane
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It's certainly reminiscent of the graceful recreational gliders of the past few decades.
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Fantastic art. I love how Predator looks in this one.
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