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The Pioneer is witness to an Advani's Footprint. Current theories indicate that it's a manifestation - an echo - of some kind of transdimensional travel system. However who or what is traveling and where they are going remains a mystery. Only eight such events have ever been spotted - the earliest 400 years ago by a Vulcan astronomer.

The footprint usually lasts for six hours to two-days. While it is visible to the humanoid eye, certain species such as Medsusans claim they detect nothing and refer to them as "Advani's Ghosts".

The footrprints do not appear to be a hazard if viewed from a distance, but every probe that has been launched into one has been torn apart from what seems to extreme quantum instability.


Pioneer model by Foomandoonian (converted to Poser by Maddymanx via Background by Hameed with "enigma. by me.
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I love how the colors turn out. I think it carries a lot of the TOS charme. Also the poit of view is a pretty interesting.