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The Pioneer and Rama rendezvous in a system as directed by Commodore Kraal on Starbase 17. All the psionically sensitive races with 15 parsec had reported what they called "a psychic scream" from a system known as uninhabited by earlier Federation surveys.

On arrival in system it was obvious to both crews that it was not "business as usual" in this binary system lying off the beaten path. Visuals showed a space filled with frenetically swirling objects, though full spectrum sensors showed a far more complex manifestation of energies. The Pioneer and Rama are proceeding on impulse to the epicenter of this swarm. All their Vulcan and Betazoid crew members had to be sedated in order to endure the approach.


USS Pioneer model by Foomandoonian, with Poser conversion by Mattymanx. The Archer class scout mesh created by Mark Azevedo - Ship design by Masao Okazaki. Poser/DS conversion and enhancement by Ptrope w/ texture support by meeeee. Background by Dobrovolskyy. DAZ Studio render.
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