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Space Opera

A straight up space opera styled image (been watching too much Space Cruiser Yamato...), just so I can play with Dalmatiner's two new Poser ships…… . Background elements by Arisechicken117, Hameed, and Moonchilde-Stock (aka "Casperium").

DAZ Studio.
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Beautifully done
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Super Picture, top Work :) (Smile)
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You could read or listen to "the lost fleet" books  or watch "legend of galactic heroes"
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Hi Rob!

After years in the making, I´m thinking on doing my story in Comic book / Graphic novel format and finally use all the designs I made for this story.
I really think that if I don´t start with this (even if I´m not using my usuall style in illustration) I´ll never do anything at all. So I have made some pages and I remembered this image you made with my models and how much i loved it.
I contact you to ask permition to use it on my Graphic Novel: IMPERIVM.

Check it at:…  
and send me some feedback

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Sure, if you'd like to use it I'm fine with that. Very impressive comics work! The integration of 2D and 3D elements is pretty seamless. Bold colors and great layouts! Good luck with continued work on it!!!
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Domo Arigato Mr. Rob-Caswell
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actually that background nebula is mine, lol,, or i should say Moonchilde-stock. Although I don't have it up anymore as stock.
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Is it? My mistake. I'll correct that :) I must have been referring to the planets.
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yeah, it is my Stellar Cascade [link] :)
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It's a beautiful piece!
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Great render of the Ragnarok and the Cerberus!!! LOve your artwork...Congrats!!!!
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Thanks a lot!!! :)
I'm flattered you like it!
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And I'm flatteres that yo're flattered..HA!
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Great work. Definitely a space opera. Epicangle and lighting.
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I'm going first class!
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Cool stuff. By any chance do you know if anyone has a Star Wars -type freighter?
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I'm sure you could find something to fit the bill. Can you be a bit more specific about what you're looking for?
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