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Seekers4 Final

Here's the unadulterated art for the cover to Star Trek: Seekers #4, which is shipping this week. Even more than #3, I quickly focused on a single composition I wanted to do after reading the story treatment. The image illustrates a space-suited landing party doing an EVA along the hull of a giant, disabled alien ship as they look for ways to enter the craft. It seems that we so rarely get to see the TOS space suits in Trek images, and just about never in book covers, so I though this may help the book stand out from the crowd (time will tell). I also think this is one of the most elegant angles for viewing the Constitution class starships. Overall I was aiming for an image that really emphasized the science fiction of Star Trek and got away from just the standard "ship in space" scene.

Image was created in DAZ Studio, with the aid of Digital Heavens "Cosmic Pack" and composited and painted in Photoshop. Shout outs to Georg Angelakis for his solid Constitution class model, and to Ptrope ( for the modeling support on the space suit helmet (Yer a brick, buddy!).
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    The scene is WOW!!!!!!  About the idea of the suits, I am all for it.  Especially scince the way you make it.  You can see the fabric curling up.  And streching in diferrent parts of the same suit.  Real Life.  WOW!  Hope to see more of them in the near future.
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Thanks a lot!! I always start second guessing myself and lose perspective as to whether a piece really worked or not, so you're words are reassuring :D
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   Keep up the good work!  Sorry not good, but great and awesome work!!!!!!!
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DAMN!! I am so out of the loop on things!! I do apologise!

Man this is an excellent cover - and true, for a series set in space, you don't see much EVA activity!

Like the scene, reminds me of the Jim Burns cover art "Engines of the Gods".
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Ha - you think YOU'RE out of the loop? I've been on Pluto all year!!!! :lol:
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:lmao: ain't we a pair ;)
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What? No Archer class ship?!? (ha!)
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Sorry.... next book. I hope!!!! :)
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Another great seekers cover.
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Glad ya like! It sure is novel that The Seekers actually came to life! :D
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gorgeous colours & composition as always. 
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Thanks, G-Man! :squee:
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beautiful work
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Star Trek Enterprise FTW \^^/
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A truly beautiful and awesome piece. It even has a 1960s space art vibe that I love so much. I think you accomplished what you set out to do. :) (Smile)Clap 
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It sounds like you received the signal I was trying to send - YAY! :D
Awesome! This is exactly the kind of thing I always wished to see more of!
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Another excellent piece of art from you!  Not that, in my opinion, you seem to release anything that is not "excellent".  :)  It could just be an indication of how iconic the Constitution class ships are, but that is what draws my eyes the most with this.  It might also have something to do with the excellence of the model itself, as well as how you did the lighting.  It is also nice to see the TOS environmental suits as well.  I am currently reading Seekers 3, and I completely forgot that that is the suit Sorvak is wearing during the Sagittarius' rescue attempt.  *facepalms*

Faved!!!  :D
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I guess I did want the Connie to still be a primary "character" in the work :D
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