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Yep, I'm still floggin' the book. Hey... c'mon... it's baby's first mainstream paperback cover! To begin the project I did a few different rough concepts based on author David Mack's cover element description. That's one advantage of the medium. Working in 3D can make concepting like this move pretty quickly. As you can probably see, the final cover drew elements from concepts 2, 3, and 5.

I hope to be giving a presentation on my art and the Seekers project at Shore Leave in the Baltimore area next week. I hope some of you can come by! Seekers 1 is on stands now, with #2 due to hit sometime in August.
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Cool stuff - like getting the extras on a Blu-Ray disc ;). I can see how you ended up at the final cover - I think I like #3 the best, too, because it appears that Sagittarius is standing its ground against the Klingon, and just has the strongest composition of the group, but I can see where one might prefer a shot of the front of the ship, esp. on the premier cover. I'm glad you went with this perspective of the planet - it's signature "Rob Caswell" and one of the things that really make your images stand out amongst the rest. It's had to tell from these smaller images, but that image also has stronger contrast than the final cover, which I think works a little better - the ship 'pops' a bit better.

Of course, I love the final cover ;).