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Well I'm catching word that "Star Trek Seekers" one has hit the streets, so if you were planning to buy local, it's time to get out there. If you don't see it on shelves, be sure to ask for it ;) I'll be posting some related art to my cover over the next two weeks, to support both the book's release and the coming Shore Leave covention in Baltimore where me and the whole Seekers' writing team will be giving a presentation on the project.

All that said, here's the final delivered cover art for #1, sans the "Blishian graphics". It's a little larger (extra space on the sides) that what you'll see on the final printed cover. Image primarily done in DAZ Studio and Photoshop. Sagittarius model by Mark Azevedo, Klingon BoP model by Fabio Passaro.
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It's so cute! It reminds me of my own (post-VOY/STO-era) mini-ship project, sadly neglected for the past few months, but maybe even smaller judging by window size. Do interior views exist? The problem with going really small is that you don't have enough internal volume to justify adding new rooms and functions as you go, something the original series design was sized and crewed specifically to allow, to make TV production easier. I ended up making a full frame and partway through the compartment layout for mine, with Engineering, the bridge & ready room, and the pocket-shuttlebay most detailed so far (and then I went and changed the hull shape for aesthetic reasons, naturally... :facepalm: ) The WIPs are in an Imgur album since DA takes more fiddling to arrange: