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Remember back in 1968 when the battle fleet from Procyon invaded and our only solution was to use Tesla’s time machine which the Pentagon was keeping secret in their vaults and we had to change to a different time stream where Kennedy was assassinated and Star Trek was cancelled after three seasons? Well I do (perhaps thanks to my tinfoil beanie!?). And I long for what we lost – that spin off series from the hugely successful “Star Trek”, called “The Seekers”.

For your consideration (as senator Serling used to say) I submit the novelization book covers from that lost timeline. The one-season series spin-off featured the new tiny Federation scout ship designed by 7-year-old Masao Okazaki through the studio fan-mail-in contest. It followed the adventures of this intimate crew on a series of epsidoes that would set a new standard for TV sci-fi that would not be met for decades. Adapted by sci-fi author Frederic Brown, these novels sold at least as well as their Star Trek counterparts….at least in their own timeline.

So now, I present to you for the first time ever (in this timeline), the covers from the five-volume run of “The Seekers” novelizations.


The Archer class scout mesh created by Mark Azevedo - Ship design by Masao Okazaki. Poser/DS conversion and enhancement by Ptrope w/ texture support by me. Background by FrostBo. DAZ Studio render.
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Where can I get some of that tinfoil?
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I know you're a busy guy now... : ) but when you have time I'd love to see your version of Star Trek- The New Voyages covers. Great work! You have me looking on Ebay for the Blish books I don't have!
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"New Voyages" - yeah, good idea!! :D
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Cool! I mean, they have the Starless Void book and World Without End and others... Your take would be cool!
RobCaswell's avatar
You ARE determined to keep me busy!!! ;p
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After hearing the news of the Seekers book series today, I went back to look at some of the covers. I'm delighted to find out that the 7-year-old me sent in a design and won the contest! That's hilarious!

Congrats again on The Seekers!
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HA!!!! I'd forgotten that detail! I'm glad you went back and finally discovered it.... you precocious kid, you! ;) 
Just think, in that alternate universe you were THE coolest kid on the playground!!!
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The entire series of covers is fantastic. As an author of sci-fi and fanatsy, I especially appreciate these beautiful designs and artwork :clap:
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Thank you! That means a lot. It really is shame that (at least to publishers today) illustrative book covers are a dead art. In growing up they were a non-stop source of inspiration!
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I couldn't agree more :nod:
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All 5 covers are magnificent! Excellently done! :clap:
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It was a fun lil' project! I'm glad that you enjoyed the ride! :D
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Came out really really nice! You might have already guessed that I am a scifi novel addict and I just love excellent scifi book covers! :nod:
RobCaswell's avatar
HA! Yup. We share the same affliction, it seems :D
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Now you've done it!:iconthrilledplz: :squee:

I love the wear and tear - it looks like a scan!
Fave! And the other one too!
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Thanks, Steve!! :D
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I might have to try one of these things too! What fun!
RobCaswell's avatar
Yup! They're a serious blast. The more the merrier!!! :D
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It would be great if by some miracle the marketing folks would shift gears - but it's unlikely. After all, they always know what's best - that's why they make the big money, and call the shots! ;P

BTW - How did you get the graphics for the spine (Bantam logo etc)?
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I think I managed to find a Bantam logo in a web search. I might have had to retrotweak it to match the 70's version. The rest is just routine Photoshop text/shapes/et al.

Here's one you might find handy ;)

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AHhhhhhhhhhhhh classic covers - very OTT graphics, strong art, and the cover tatty - the sign of a well loved book - heh, now we have Kindles.

Somehow I don''t think that they will show signs of love as this....

Thank you for the nostalgia trip :)
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