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Nippon Lander 2300



This is a reusable lander design used by the Japanese that I designed for the original release of GDW's "Traveller:2300" RPG (circa '86). I can't read the Japanese now, but I was fresh out of my first semester of Japanese so it says SOMETHING relevant! ;)

This is a scan off a pretty decent photocopy. I'm not sure where the original ended up? It may have sold or gone wandering in an art trade.... or still be sitting in the Bermuda Triangle in my basement?....

Original was ink on i-board. Of note, you're seeing it about the size I drew it, but it was designed to be shot and reproduced at 50%.
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ひきがえる (hikigaeru), though my machine says the first character should be a kanji: 引きがえる, which apparently means "withdraw".