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Looking for a Hole

Another 2D-3D integration featuring Meshworks' new MQ-9 Reaper model [link] .
DAZ Studio render.
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Very cool. We are getting ready to start designing new fuel tanks for this. Might have to use this image(with permission) as a header in one of my design study reports :)
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Sure, feel free - and thanks for asking :)
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Hey  Arcas

Reapers carry  500 LB laer guided  Paveway Bombs now ?!
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All I can tell ya is that's what the model came with. Is there a good site that details their available loadouts?
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I did research and found out  UK's   RAFis loading out with 500 lbs (aka 220 kg)  laser guided GBU's
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Predators/Reapers are quite frightful things, aren't they?
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Yeah... I'm glad they're not in my skies.
Good job, I like this UAV~~~
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"Drone is better."
RobCaswell's avatar
Better than...?
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It's a quote from 'Iron Man 2', dude.
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I only saw it once so the quotes haven't wormed their way into my brain ;)
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I love the Reapers... Think they'll really help us out there. We're studying them at my Air Cadet Squadron right now, actually. For the Aircraft Recignition test :D
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Well it certainly introduces a new element to air combat. I've always wondered how they can be assured that their comm signal doesn't get jammed? Any idea? I'd assume they'd have redundant channels of communication, just in case.
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Just like your smartphone does.
RobCaswell's avatar
I don't have a smart phone ;)
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Something like that, yeah. I think there are bases all over that have it's signal in range, so if one drops out the other picks it up x3 Not sure if that's how it's done, but it's just my theory :3
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You're welcome!
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Needs more guns.

How about sexxing it up with a gattling-gun-array of miniguns and a few turrets?
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