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Leonov 8: Rendezvous



This piece concludes our Leonov series for now, though we’ve been kicking around a couple more ideas for the model… since we sunk all that time into it! Especially Drell-7 ( who did the hands-on modeling. In this images the Leonov finally rendezvous with Discovery, tumbling about its axis in a parking orbit and covered with fine sulfur dust spewed out from Io’s plentiful volcanoes and geysers.

I think Tom and I have only one regret with this series, and that’s that we didn’t do it earlier. It would have been marvelous to send a set of prints to Clarke and to have heard his feedback on the design. He who hesitates is lost.

Art by Drell-7 (, design by Rob Caswell and Tom Peters. Inspiration and commitment by Sir Arthur C. Clarke.
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Absolutely deserving of a standing ovation.

It's been decades since I read the novel, and forgive me if I am wrong on specifics, but the detail here that really impresses me is that (presuming that the  Sakarov drive is some form of high-thrust nuclear-thermal rocket) you've correctly placed a structure in between the two reactors which, among other things, I imagine, might hold a moderating shield - which would be absolutely spot on, and the fact you included it speaks to your attentiveness to detail and research.