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Leonov 4: Jovian Neighborhood



In this image of my and Drell-7’s ( Leonov, based on the specifications from Clarke’s original novel text, enters the Jovian neighborhood. This is the “big reveal” image of the general shape lurking below the huge, obscuring fuel tanks. Looking from the rear, forward, we can clearly see the Sakarov drive, the primary radiators, the spinal support tanks, the rust colored stores and supplies modules, the MHD turbine torus and its smaller, dedicated radiators, the retractable comm. And instrument booms, the multi-deck habitation module (with docking adapter designed to fit Discovery’s airlock), and the disposable heat shield on the nose for the Jupiter aerobrake maneuver. RCS unit extensions can be seen projecting from the engineering and hab areas.

Art by Drell-7 (, design by Rob Caswell and Drell-7.
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