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Jinxian Lander (Ringworld)

This is an old drawing of mine - from about the time I started work in the RPG illustration field. It depicts an interpretation of the Jinxian lander used by Louis Wu and Chmee in the Ringwrold sequel, "Ringworld Engineers". I'm posting this because a few old friends were asking me to. I'll be the first to admit it's got a few accuracy problems - main one being it's too tall and skinny. But it still works as an interesting image, plus it shows a key transition point in my illutsration style, converting many of my mechanical drafting skills into a more stylized approach.

This was pen and ink on nasty (tm) paper.
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Good to see some of Niven's work so artfully done.
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Did you check out my latest - the REAL Ringworld Engineers lander?
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I'm almost certain I've seen this in some SF RPG manual or another...
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Yep - GDW decided to buy the piece and have me tweak it for use in 2300 AD.
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Aha! That's it, clearly. Also, I'll use this opportunity to say that I really like the Sung city pic.
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Thanks! You make me glad I decided to repost it! :D
Ah! Now I understand what that circle top left is!

D'oh! >_<

Also....what would the internal arraignments be...IF that is a really big rocket nozzle pointing out the side?

Very much cheers to you and yours.
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I have no recollection of how I envisioned the internal layout.... but I am thinking of trying another pass at an ACCURATE lander.... soon, I hope.
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looks great. wish they would make a movie of "Ringworld"
KlausTeufel's avatar
Oh, the nostalgia!
RobCaswell's avatar
2300? Ringworld? Or both? :)
Ienkoron's avatar
Again a classic piece :D
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Hmm...I remember Louis Wu, Speaker-to-animals, Teela Brown, and the Piersen's Puppeteer, but I don't remember 'Chmee'.
Ah, guess it's time to revisit the Ringworld, then.
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What Nuke Fridge said.... ;)
Nuclear-Fridge's avatar
Chmee was Speaker's earned name, awarded to him after the events of the first book, when they escaped from the Ringworld...
Pheenix42's avatar
Wow, it has been a long time then!
SpaceCowboy5000's avatar
Very nice! That's kinda, sort of like I imagined it, too. Love all the little details on the ship's surface.
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Well... it's sorta what it looked like .... but only sorta. ;)
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Regardless of accuracy, it's still an awesome design! :D
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Glad ya like it :)
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