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Foster's Gloryhole

This is my take on the "Gloryhole", from Alan Dean Foster's Flinx and Pip stories set in the Humanx Commonwealth. The ship uses a K-K Drive system. That big fan on the front projects a singularity in from of the ship that moves it along in a "bootstrap" fashion. Certainly one of the more novel SF drive ideas ;)
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Interesting designs.
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Do you know Manchu, your work remember me his. Greetings!
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I love Manchu's work.... though this was done decades before I'd heard of him. I think he and I are about the same age.
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Je rédige un zine sans prétention et gratos, le dernier numéro de cette année ou le premier de l'an prochain est spécial sci-fi, librement inspiré de The Expanse, la série télé. Il y aura plusieurs jdr dedans que de l'amateur disponible à % gratuit, le zine aussi est gratuit, je cherche toujours des illustrateurs de talent même si je ne peux pas les payer. Tu serais ok, pour qu'on place certains de tes travaux? on peut en discuter?
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champagne flute of space
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I'm very sorry, Mr. Caswell, but may I ask in which position she lands, and how you plan to minimize huge atmosphere drag of the front projector in your design when in the atmosphere? I'm sure you did planned everything, just the solutions don't appear on the drawing. Maybe it is folded? The last questions, I promise!
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She has a shuttle. The ship is not designed for surface landings.
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Two questions, Mr. Caswell:

There are the 'umbrella', then its mast, and then, the hull. My first question is those important details at the front of the hull, are they doors for some purpose? 

And some viewports behind they? those window-like details placed in some sort of a 'niche'?

I' thinking to read some of these books only because your great design, so I'd like to know what those two details are.

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If I recall those doors on the front of the hull are the cargo bay doors, which were probably referenced at one point during one of the stories. There's a personnel airlock next to it. And yes, the things in the recessed niche are the bridge windows.

My favorite books of the Flinx and Pip series are the following. I think you can read them out of sequence, but there's an arc story that has more meaning if you're in it for the long haul:

- The Tar Ayim Krang
- The End of the Matter
- Flinx in Flux

Look here for more details on the series:…
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I don't think that word means what you think that word means.
Sorry..I recognize that this is from some series..but....they really should have used a different name for this ship. I don't think using 'gloryhole' was a good idea O.o
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LOL! You'll have to bring it up with The Man ;)
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I read those books too! I remember this ship!
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A great series of books - worthy of a re-read! ;)
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Excellent portrayal. :thumbsup:
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I really enjoyed the Foster books I've read. And the falling into a gravity well idea of high speed star travel is as plausible as any other. Plausible enough not to have any major holes to ruin a good story :D
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Yep - quality space opera fare! I'll take the Commonwealth over Star Wars, any day ;)
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Hmmm....Each have their own special appeal, why not the best of both worlds?
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Yup - no sense of going "either/or" if you don't have to, hm? The more the merrier!
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Yes, I agree to that! More Kitten, please.
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That's what happens when you convert a world created for the visual media, into a written work... most Star Wars written material has to really perform some radical maneuvers to dodge a few massive scientific holes, and inconsistencies in the universe. :cough:

Foster on the other hand took the time to imagine and structure his creations to be fairly solid and consistent.:clap:
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