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Escape From Earth

This is my just completed cover for the e-book of Allen Steele's YA novella, "Escape from Earth"… . This is the first time the novella is available outside of an anthology or collection. Unlike many of today's TA scifi, this is NOT a dystopian tale.

Many will immediately recognize the shuttle from the Matt Jeffries-designed "Lief Ericsson Cruiser". That is actually what Allen had in mind and describes in the text, so it's use is 100% deliberate. Winchell Chung provided me with a basic mesh and I did an extensive over-paint of the rendered geometry. The background nuclear plant is a Photoshop painting.
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I did recognize the shuttle!
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Good! It was very specific :)
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A-10's are terrible at air to air combat. They must have been the only planes they had available, or were expecting a ground battle.
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They were the closest than could be scrambled.  The closest F-15 squadron would have been another 10-15 mins. out - the same one that was the first responder on 911.
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Warthogs vs. Quack monsters from outer spaaaaccee! My money is on the A10's.:) (Smile) =P (Razz) 
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You'll have to read the story to see how it all turns out ;)
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I have played around with that wonderful shuttle so many times but was never happy with it...this is delightful!
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Much thankias, my friend! I'm glad it sits well in your retinas!! :squee:
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Seems an odd choice of colours. Why so much pink/mauve?
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Colorblindness wannabe, I suppose. ;)
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Can't remember if I've read it or not, so I'm curious about the 'hogs. In the story? Or just the cover?
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Yep, they're in the story! The 131st Fighter Squadron out of Westfield, Mass.
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Thanks, sorry I didn't answer sooner. Been having problems accessing the site lately.
never seen the shuttle before i hope we get to see more of it. 
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Well I rather doubt I'll be using the model again... voluntarily... given I have to repaint the whole thing every time. But it was vital to use here.
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Great work! I use to have that ship and shuttle. Mine was the glow in the dark alien mystery ship version though. I don't have the mothership but do still have the shuttle somewhere. I'd be interested in reading this book just to see how he uses the shuttle in the story.
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Well it's pretty cheap on Amazon - "priced to read"!…
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Most impressive indeed! You used the basic mesh to very good effect! Especially the crew peeking out of the bug-eye window.
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Glad it gets your stamp of approval - and thanks again for the help!!!
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