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Echoes of a 70's Bedroom

Go ahead and make lewd comments about the title, but trust me... my 70's bedroom didn't echo with much more than reel-to-reel audio recordings of Star Trek episodes.... and then Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" around midnight on WAAF.

So how many of you remember the poster to which I'm nodding here? I have not successfully found an image of it on the web, but you could get in retail stores. I forget the artist's name, too. Damn - I sure wish I still had it!

This is my first render experiment with David Metlesits' [link] new, ambitious Starfleet HQ model. His tweaks to the original Franz Josef design are wonderful, but I think the model's polygon count pushes me right to the wall. This is a screen render. When I tried rendering to file at a larger size, I'd just get crash after crash. But... it's so nice! I gotta figure out a way to get around those crashes.

The Scout is Graywolf-Starkiller's [link] , based on the redesigns by DEG [link] . Background by Hameed [link] .

DAZ Studio render.
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Rob, are you on Facebook? Look up Doug Drexler. He is friends with the family of Franz Joseph and might have info on the mystery artist you've been talking about. He is a wealth of knowledge.

And here I thought I was the only one who was crazy enough to audo tape my favorite TV shows. In my case STAR TREK, THE AVENGERS, THE INVADERS. I had all of those tapes and my recorder stored in a metal storage case my Father paid an Air Force welder and metal fabricator to make. And like so many things It was lost in transit storage. Of course that was in the 1960'series and I watched them all first run. I would sit in my bedroom and close my eyes and listen to them over and over again studying the timing of scenes. I can still recall most of them. This is a wonderful view of the station. I didn't see the Franz Josef book when it came out. I was in Europe and asia. What really got my attention was a picture on this site that depicted the Starfleet HQ, with a Connie parking in one of the drydock spheres. That gave me quite a frame of reference, for scale. I wold like to find a copy to see if there were any specifications of the Scout/Destroyer SALIDAN CLASS. I have always wanted to make a retrofit of the ship with a redesigned neck somewhat based on the one on the GALAXY CLASS' neck. Great work and best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers.

I too had this poster.

It's the kind of thing I would have put up in my room.  :)
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It's the kind of things I DID put in mine! ;)
I remember seeing posters like this at Pacific Comics in San Diego in the 70's.
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I really wish I still had mine.
Have you shown this to Franz Joesph's daughgter, Karen Dick?  I'm sure she's seen other renditions, but in case she hasn't, this would probably do her proud in terms of her father's legacy.

A great rendering too.
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Please feel free to send her a link! I'm glad to hear that she's proud of her father's legacy.
I don't know what poster you had in the '70s, but here's the one I had:


I don't know what poster you had in the '70s, but here's the one I had. :)

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COOL! I never knew they made a poster of that cover. It was definitely one of my faves of the Blish covers!
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Heh - ahhhhh, nostalgia.....
I actually love this design. Franz Joseph's work was always spectacular.
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Shades of the tech manual!
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Oh yeah, baby! :D
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I used to have a poster simular to the one you have drawn on my bedroom wall. Next to the one of Farrah Faucet from Logan's Run. What memories. I lost that poster a long time ago.
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Nice to have another confirming voice! Yeah, I wish I still had mine, too. I think it might have fallen victim to a Mom-Purge back when I was in college.
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I think my mom did that too, and my brother burned my AMT model of Spock. Some money lost there too.
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I blew up a lot of my models. I still remember when that Klingon D-7 went into a million pieces!
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Very nice work, exactly in the spirit of the original star treck style :p
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