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Another Traveller: 2300 illustration from back in the late eighties. This has always been a personal fave, though I'm not sure why. I guess I just find "women doing science" to be sexy :D

Pen and ink.
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I think this is from World Builder's Handbook.  In that case, an alternative title could be SCOUTING.
I liked it so much I borrow it as an placeholder in one of my little scribblings, I hope you don't mind ...


(link at bottom)
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"Oh, we can always do science to it!" *Holds up high explosives*
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"Applied science" ;)
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Sorry, grew up in a mining town. "Explosives solve everything" wasn't just for the military folks there. ;)
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so very cool
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Do you know what this could mean to science? It could mean real advancements in the field of science!

The only other thing I can say is, "Rowwr."
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Traveller!! Now that's an interesting roleplaying game. ;) Well done on the illustration, too!
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Yeah, Traveller was my old personal passion AND paycheck.
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Well, one must count himself lucky if a passion provides paychecks, too. :) More often than not they're awful sinks for money. ;)
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Well.... I use the term "paycheck" in its most bare bones form. It provided enough to buy a few rocks, that I could then trade for a fistful of prime mulch, that I could then trade for a few bean seeds to plant....
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Hehe, well then it sounds like they showed some serious appreciation. ;)
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Yeah, thats really nice!
It's refreshing to see normal looking woman in a sci-fi setting!
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Thanks. Yeah, a planet being explored by a bimbo in a bikini just wouldn't be right....

...unless you're TRYING to emulate Barbarella ;)
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Very true!
I've got an old copy of that game sitting on my shelf.
So far I just sort of browsed but it sounds cool!
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I agree! Intelligence and curiosity IS sexy.:)
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I like the drawing, clean
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Clean was my usual style. And you're probably viewing it at a size considerably larger than it was intended to be seen. I generally worked at 200% size so that when it went to print it'd REALLY tighten up.
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Its great to see these pieces from GDW here. I was totally unaware that you were one of their artists. Did you do pieces for Twilight 2000 too?
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Nope. Don't think I ever did a single Twilight 2K illo. Almost, once, but never happened.
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