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Braking at Tau Ceti

An interstellar colony ship completes its braking maneuver to enter the Tau Ceti system.

Colony Mover ship by Shawnaloroc…. Planets by a-j-s
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"Oh, that's interesting," I said aloud after reading the comments below about how big this ship is supposed to be. "I didn't see that the ring houses an ENVIRONMENT. Cool!"

Yes, I think aloud, and I also tend to write like how I speak. I'm weird that way (among others).

Nifty composition, and cool title/concept!
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Ja-ja! This is one big-arse ship, for sure!!!
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Tau Ceti, eh?  Searching for Duran Duran, are we?
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Everyone ends up at Tau Ceti, eventually. It's like Harvard Square ;) And if you haven't been there, trust me.... you will :lol:
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Thanks for your sense of humor, good sir!
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This is a fantastic picture. How big is the colony ship?
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BIG! I'm guessing almost a mile long? At least half a mile.
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I really like the spaceship design and the general composition of the piece with all these circular shape.
It's really an excellent picture, all my congratulations :la:
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Great planet, great ship, great colors, great angle...

Great everything.
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Great comment!!! ;)
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Love the linn... lini.. linie... Great geometry in this one. ;)
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Wonderful image sir!  It leaves me to wonder two things about it, neither of which are relevant unless there is a back story involved.  First, is this grand vessel using an ion drive for main propulsion, and second, is she a generation ship?  Just wondering...
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I doubt she's using an ion drive. Not for interstellar travel. And I don't think she's a generation ship, but she IS long duration (years).
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impressive color choice. Who says space exploration required drab colors? 
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Not I! I'm of the Bob McCall school of SF art. Space is a bright and colorful place ;)
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Bob McCall certainly made the NASA space program epic and beautiful with his great work. Brilliant in so many ways. Keep up the great work!
That's exceedingly cool.
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Tau Ceti, eh? Legacy of Heorot/Beowulf's Children, perchance?
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