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Anything BUT Routine

By RobCaswell
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During a routine check with Maundrian III monitoring outpost, the crew of the Rama is presented with a situation that is anything but routine!


A story without an actual story ;)
It was unintentional, but there's something sort of Berkeyesque about the piece... at least to my eye.

Planet background by GrahamTG w/ textures courtesy of Nasa and Starbase1. Starfield by FrostBo. Archer class scout mesh created by Mark Azevedo - Ship design by Masao Okazaki. Poser/DS conversion and enhancement by Ptrope w/ texture support by me. Asteroid station by SolCommand , enhanced with Trek bits by Ptrope. Matt Jeffries' Space Tug by David Metlesits . Shuttlecraft model by XCalPro.

DAZ Studio render.
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This looks like the prototype for the Avenger class, in the Star Trek Online MMO. I like it!!
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A much smaller ship, though.
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I just so love that rustic nature of that space station!

And intriguing story with a universe of possibilities!!
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I was aiming for something in the station that would evoke Matt Jeffries' design work.
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Hello. I'm new here, a model builder, and I just want to say how much I admire your stuff. May I have permission to possibly take some of your design ideas, an apply them to some of my existing Trek Models? ...just askin...
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You wanna model some of my ideas? BE MY GUEST! I'd be more than flattered! I just hope I get to see the results ;)
So do you frequent Starship Modeler?
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"Berkeyesque" is a great word to use here, as his art was what I thought of when I first saw this great image. I wondered if you were paying homage to him before I read your comments. Thank you for posting and share this and all your great art.
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Wow... I'm flattered it communicated Berkey to you!
I only wish I had half his talent....
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I can see the Rama appearing in future "Star Trek" novels set in the "TOS" era.
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You DID see my novel series, didn't you?
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No, but I'm gonna give it a shot. :)
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Excellent render!
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Really digging your Saggitarius renders! Awesome!
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Thanks! It's a fun lil' ship to play with.
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Thanks, my friend :)
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keep your work
I FOLLOW your work since your cute Uhura
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Wow. I'm diggin' that.
Like others said, excellent composition and use of color! :D
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Thanks. It may not be "photo-realistically accurate", but I like catching the eye with a bold color statement.
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