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A Light in the Darkness

By RobCaswell
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Just a bit of art to round out my weekend. USS Pioneer model by Foomandoonian, with Poser conversion by Mattymanx, via Shuttlecraft by XCalPro. Background by FrostBo. DAZ Studio render.
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Nice! I don't think I've ever seen another render of my ship. I didn't even realise it had been converted to Poser format. :D
RobCaswell's avatar
Ah! Yes! YOUR ship (it took me a second). A fine piece of work on all levels, if I do say so! Thanks SO, SO much for sharing the effort! It's been a fun model to play with!! :D
Steve629's avatar
I love this one!
WildSpaceSaga's avatar
I love this four engine monster^^
RobCaswell's avatar
It does sorta grow on ya :)
AzrielMordecai's avatar
Again, excellent work. Very cool design.
RobCaswell's avatar
Thanks - glad it connects with ya! :)
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Well as i recall you only need two to form a warp field. does having four make it more stable? or did the extra nacelles serve another purpose?
RobCaswell's avatar
Well if you need two, then how does a Scout/Destroyer work?

Eh. It's all made up tech anyway and it seems the "two nacelles necessary" went out the window in 1976, so... why four? Maybe better acceleration? Maybe longer sustained use? I can also go with "it looks cooler" ;)

Personally I'm not a big fan of the four-nacelle designs, but for some reason this one clicks with me.
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I've always wondered about the performance of these ships with four nacelles.
RobCaswell's avatar
What about 'em?
thanks for the free lesson in composition, and that background is just awesome. i assure you i'm taking notes in through here. just flatout wonderful stuff thanks.
RobCaswell's avatar
I'm flattered! Thanks - glad you find it inspiring!!! :D
Drell-7's avatar
Probably the best looking image I've seen of the Pioneer (yes! I can actually SEE, again!) The palette is lyrical!
RobCaswell's avatar
How's it performing in the infrared?
Drell-7's avatar
Not so much in IR, yet...but I have Near UV!
RobCaswell's avatar
Gremlin98's avatar
I have never seen anything like that...very nice.
RobCaswell's avatar
Why thank you!!! :D
Ptrope's avatar
When it absolutely, positively has to be there yesterday!

Wow, that is one seriously overpowered ship! Nice :).
RobCaswell's avatar
When you turn the speed dial all the way, it goes to "Warp 11".
Phenometron's avatar
An amazing-looking ship. ^_^
RobCaswell's avatar
Yeah, I agree - sorta funky-cool :)
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