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Happiness and Romance by ROBCakeran53 Happiness and Romance :iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 8 5
The Replacements: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Mr. Potato Head waited on the production set of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for his new crew of actresses to arrive. He had shown up earlier to discuss the situation to the director personally. Standing beside him, tapping his foot impatiently, was the director himself, Jason Thiessen. Nervously, Mr. Thiessen managed to speak after hearing the new course of action.
"Mr. Potato Head, are you sure you can trust Derpy with this? I mean, she isn't the-"
Mr. Potato Head smiled. "Now now, Mr. Thiessen, there is nothing to worry about. I assure you Ms. Hooves has proven herself to me multiple times. She is plenty capable of doing this small task."
"This isn't like giving you your mail, sir. She is needed to find optimal replacements for the six main characters of the show. I don't think she is up to the task."
Mr. Potato Head looked to a wall clock ahead of him, eying the exact time.
"Well, in roughly five minutes we'll know then, won't we?" Mr. Potato Head looked ove
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 9 16
The Replacements: Chapter 1
The Replacements
Written by ROBCakeran53
Edited by Cthuluigi
Chapter 1
A set of double doors slammed open, casting only a glimpse of light into the pitch black room. A man, skinny and frail, was shoved through the light, falling onto his chest in the darkness. He quickly sat up, looking back in time to see the last trace of fluorescent light disappear as the doors closed.
"Do you know why you are here, Mr. Bowing?" A deep voice boomed through the room's darkness; the man's body began to shiver, unsure where the menacing voice came from.
"Uh, I'm, uh, not sure sir," the man stuttered.
"According to my files, you are one of the men in charge of maintaining cast and crew of our television department, is that correct?"
The man simply nodded and, upon realizing that the pitch black room made it impossible to see, responded vocally, "Uh, y-yes sir."
"And tell me Mr. Bowing, what show's cast do you exactly care for?"
"Uh, M-My Little Pony: F-Friendship is Magic, sir."
There was a loud
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 15 32
ROBCakeran53 Deviant Art ID by ROBCakeran53 ROBCakeran53 Deviant Art ID :iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 21 22
MLP: Divergent Days Ch. 13
Chapter 13
The entirety of Sweet Apple Acres sat peaceful amidst Luna's cool night. Not even the grasshoppers made their melodic tune; there was utter silence all around the farm. Inside the cozily warm farmhouse, the Apple family slept in pure bliss. Each of its occupants dreamed of what the next day would bring them, whether it be adventure, love, work, or more naps. Each one anxiously awaited the morning rooster call, so that they may wake from their slumbers to begin the day.
Inside one room, the orange mare Applejack slept like a log; she did not move, nor did she make a single snore as she laid curled under her sheets. A smile across her face signaled to the world her anticipation for the quickly approaching day; her hopes that it would bring just as much joy as she desired...
The sudden noise, though not horribly loud, caused Applejack's smile to momentarily straighten out. Once it grew quiet again, her smile returned as she rolled to the other side of her be
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 26 87
Dreaming with Ponies
Dreaming with Ponies
By ROBCakeran53
Edited by Foolonthehillz

Today was another calm and relaxing day for Twilight who, sitting on a park bench, watched as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie ran around in a game of tag. Applejack and Rarity stood at the edge of a pond, bickering over something to do with their manes. Finally Twilight looked to her right, seeing Fluttershy on the bench beside her, looking down to the ground and lightly crying.
"Fluttershy? What's the matter?" Twilight asked softly.
Fluttershy tried to look more cheery, wiping her tears away. "Oh, n-nothing is wrong."
Twilight looked into Fluttershy's sorrowful eyes. Something about herself was bothering her friend. Did she say something? Or do something? Maybe there was something wrong with her she hadn't seen before. Seeing the pond, an idea came to her, so she stood from the bench. Something felt wrong; her bones and entire body ached in pain. She felt as though she had been in a fight or put through intensive labor.
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 253 274
Preview: The Replacements
The Replacements
By ROBCakeran53
A set of double doors were hastily swung open as a skinny, frail man was shoved into darkness. He quickly sat up, looking back in time to see the last trace of florescent light disappear as the doors clicked closed.
"Do you know why you are here Mr. Bowing?" A deep voice asked in the dark, causing the man's body to shiver.
"Uh, I'm, uh, not sure sir," the man stuttered.
"According to my files, you are one of the men in charge of maintaining cast and crew of our television department, is that correct?"
At first the man simply nodded, but soon realized the pitch black room made it impossible to see, so he responded vocally, "Uh, y-yes sir."
"And tell m
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 11 34
Cakeran OC Pony by ROBCakeran53 Cakeran OC Pony :iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 28 52
A Horrible Self Insertion
Today in Ponyville the streets were bustling with noise. It was market time, and so most of the town was out enjoying the sunny day. Suddenly, from the center of town, a bright light began to appear. All the ponies stared in aw as it grew in intensity, before it finally let out one last giant flash of light. When the crowd was able to look again, what they saw sitting on the street shocked and awed them all.
A horribly sun baked couch, now pink, sat on the cobble stone walkway with a scorch marks all around it's edges. Then, they all realized something else was on the couch. Something no pony had ever seen before. It sat in a manner that only a pony the locals knew would sit. It's back was against the back of the couch. It's rear legs ran along the cushion and down to the ground, where odd looking horse shoes covered it's... hooves?
Not one pony made a peep as the strange creature stared on into the crowd. A strange orange object was seen in one of it's hands. A plad baseball ca
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 50 119
My Little Dashie
Ok, don't worry yourselves everyone. This is not a drill. Due to Deviant Art's word cap, I realized a bunch of edits going into my story have not been getting updated. So, I made a Google Doc which you can follow here or an actual hyperlinky thingy below in the description. I was gonna just delete this and re-post something about it, but with so many of you commenting I was just overcome by your words. So, I wanted to keep them so that I can remember you all! Thanks!
Also, for additional fan work (art, writings, etc) check out my favorite gallery called "My Little Dashie Fan Work" here
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 1,805 2,771
MLP: Divergent Days Ch. 12
Chapter 12
Applejack took her time in returning to the farm. She had no reason to rush, since she was confident that her brother would be able to handle the stand himself; he was responsible enough -- maybe even more responsible than she herself was. The other factor that kept her slowed down was the weight she was carrying on her back, plus the ice's excruciating cold. It raised goosebumps all along her legs, both fore and hind. Even so, Applejack pressed on, not allowing any of these factors to discourage her from her goal.
She sighed. It seemed like she was always fighting an ongoing test of both her mental and physical strength. Being as stubborn as she was was both a blessing and a curse. Though the weight of the two items, even together, could hardly compare to the apple carts she pulled on a regular basis, the weight of said cart would normally be distributed on the harness strapped to her back, rather than actually on her back. To fix any balance issues, her lasso had be
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 21 54
F$ck the Covenant by ROBCakeran53 F$ck the Covenant :iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 20 42 Master Chief and Applejack by ROBCakeran53 Master Chief and Applejack :iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 48 78
MLP: Divergent Days Ch. 11
Chapter 11
The next morning was a lot calmer for Kurt; he was able to sleep in until around eight in the morning, he had no little fillies to watch, and Applejack and her brother were off into town to sell their latest load of apples. That left just Kurt and his Blazer alone, like it had been for so long. With no ponies to bother him, this gave Kurt a good chance to get more work done. The previous day he managed to accomplish a lot, which really surprised him. The problem now was that the radiator to his Blazer was completely ruined. And Kurt was sure there was no NAPA auto parts store around, so there was nothing he could do about it.
Kurt hefted the radiator with the other twisted Blazer parts he had started to pile in a corner. The plastic grill was destroyed, the right headlight was pulverized, the bumper was no more, and the hood was messed up, but salvageable; a little hammer work and he could probably get it to go back on. Next, it seemed he ruined the right front tire; luckily
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 18 32
MLP: Divergent Days Ch. 10
Chapter 10
"Children, I have an announcement!"
Amongst a crowded room, about four dozen children ran around in utter chaos as an older woman tried to gain their attention. Her thinning, curly brown hair was still damp from her weekly dyeing process; her wide, gold-rimmed glasses glistened from the protruding sunlight that shined in one of the few windows in the massive room. She frowned as the children ignored her and continued to go about their own business.
The children ran along aisles of bunkbeds that lined the walls. They were all different sizes and colors; some steel, others wood. The orphanage took whatever it could, it didn't matter whether it looked good or not. All that mattered was that it was free. Not to mention, with this many kids, the beds got beat up, drawn on, and in some cases knocked over as the woman watched a couple kids playing tag. They jumped from top bunk to top bunk; each time they landed, the bed would let out a strained cry of either wood cracking or me
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 17 78
MLP: Divergent Days Ch. 9
Chapter 9
Applejack, tired and sore from a long day of bucking, slowly trotted back to the farm house with a cart full of apples in tow. Typically she and Macintosh would call it a day around seven in the evening, but after lunch she had gotten started a little later than she would have liked. Now, quarter to nine, her body ached in ways she felt far too often for a young mare. After Applejack had joined her brother in the west field, Macintosh decided to leave and work on the north field; leaving her alone for the greater part of the day. Now, as Applejack neared the house, her suspicions from earlier were correct; Mac had finished before her... again. The front porch light was on, a sign that the two siblings used to taunt one another; telling the other they finished first.
"Lucky pony."
All around the barn, she could see several additional apple carts; all full and waiting to be sorted, signaling tomorrow will be another busy day. As Applejack neared the house, she noticed so
:iconrobcakeran53:ROBCakeran53 17 21


Pony Comic Generator v1.01 - Vacation Update by GingerFoxy Pony Comic Generator v1.01 - Vacation Update :icongingerfoxy:GingerFoxy 794 370 Applejack Body Pillow by Heir-of-Rick Applejack Body Pillow :iconheir-of-rick:Heir-of-Rick 474 58 Daily Apple comic by Heir-of-Rick Daily Apple comic :iconheir-of-rick:Heir-of-Rick 454 0 A pile of bad things by Heir-of-Rick A pile of bad things :iconheir-of-rick:Heir-of-Rick 398 0 Unlease The Power! by Zheddel Unlease The Power! :iconzheddel:Zheddel 68 10 Streeetch by meotashie Streeetch :iconmeotashie:meotashie 1,206 74 Mother Tree Sketch by sherwoodwhisper Mother Tree Sketch :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 250 18 AJ morning by sherwoodwhisper AJ morning :iconsherwoodwhisper:sherwoodwhisper 601 45 Old Applejack by Zheddel Old Applejack :iconzheddel:Zheddel 207 10 A Great Day! by alskylark A Great Day! :iconalskylark:alskylark 631 173 What happened here? by King-Kakapo What happened here? :iconking-kakapo:King-Kakapo 25 2 Autumn Harvest by King-Kakapo Autumn Harvest :iconking-kakapo:King-Kakapo 286 4 White Swan by Yulyeen White Swan :iconyulyeen:Yulyeen 3,068 188 Excessive Nuzzles by CaptainPudgeMuffin Excessive Nuzzles :iconcaptainpudgemuffin:CaptainPudgeMuffin 4,711 394 Cutie Senses Tingling by Gray--Day Cutie Senses Tingling :icongray--day:Gray--Day 1,200 498 Apple's kingdom by Imalou Apple's kingdom :iconimalou:Imalou 1,418 72



Alex Griffin
United States
Hi diddly ho there!

The name is Alex, though most call me ROB. Either/or is fine with me. I write fan fictions, and as of last may I've dove into the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stuff. So, well, that's what I write now-a-days. I also aim to start my own original work, but for the mean time I'm learning by writing fan fics.

I also have several hobbies, my biggest ones are that I am a trash picker and I listen to classical LP and ceramic records. Normally when I livestream I'm listening to those very records. If you ever wanna chat and hang out, watch my journals to see if/when I'm having one.

If you also wish to talk to me in other ways, hit me up via Skype: ROBCakeran53 Steam: Lo-Carb_Applsauce and XBox Live: LoCarbApplsauce.

I hope you enjoy my fics, and if you wish to give criticism then please feel free to! I always appreciate the input.


Current Residence: Michigan (The proud home of Apreture Science)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: any
Print preference: HP Photosmart P1000
Favourite genre of music: Big Band Erra
Favourite style of art: Anything not easily broken
Operating System: Typewritter
MP3 player of choice: Record Player
Shell of choice: 12 Gauge
Favourite cartoon character: Tom and Jerry
Personal Quote: One man's trash is another man's treasure. Or in my case, a living!
So, I will be posting chapter 3 of DD on fimfic soon, which is where the fic itself begins to "change" from the original version. I know many of you enjoyed what I had already done with it, but after two years of thinking, plotting, and more MLP episosdes, I've had more ideas and better ways to execute scenes. Plus, I like to think my writing has improved.

That being said, I will be removing DD from dA every time I upload the next chapter on fimfic here. There is the link to it, so if you wanna keep track of it's progress then go there. And since it has been two years, I would recommend re-reading it as I post it there, for it will be going through changes.
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  • Watching: M*A*S*H
  • Drinking: Sunkist


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