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Gargoyles Katana 5

And here is what is pretty much, the final design sheet for Katana. Note this is the previous drawing just with a few minor digital additions done to it... at that point was trying to color 120 pages of the comic iso it could go out to press, and there wasn't really time to keep redrawing from scratch.

I'm really pleased with how the face came out, unfortunately she didn't look quite like that in the actual comic.

I knew pretty early on since Greg Weisman wanted her to be a light blue, that her outfit should be a different primary, and red would have clashed with Brooklyn... I knew it was going to be yellow. I gave it black trim because... yellow and black looks cool. I made the belt and backpack red to help them pop out.

Again, I wish I'd had time to take another couple passes at this and arrive at something a bit simpler, I've seen a few comments online that her outfit is too complicated and "doesn't make sense", and I'm inclined to agree with them.. especially as it appeared in the comic, mostly obscured and behind other characters.

A last second addition that appeared in the book, because of the way the artist Ben Dunn drew it, is Katana's backpack (which holds Tachi's egg) has sheathes built into it to hold her swords. This was largely a practicality thing, to make sure her swords were shown on-page... even though she was being hidden. I figure she can put them in the pack or at her belt at whim. Ditto with the war fans.
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Being a Batman Fan, the one thing I note is how Katana shares the same name of female warrior who serves as Batman's newest partner (of course, "Katana" is a very common name, so I shouldn't look too much into it.)

As for Katana the Gargoyle, I like her. It's fitting for Brooklyn to have a love interest,
and, her being from another era and living in the present with Brooklyn is similar to what happened on Back to the Future, with Emmett Brown and Clara Clayton.

I also like Katana's coloration (Icy Blue, right?)

Sure would had been nice to see her on the show when it was still on the air.
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I like how you design the clothes and weapons: This design is well planned. You did a great job in planning of all details and functionality. I do not like her as she is drawn in the comic; but she is very pretty in your original sketch, the shape of her face is nice

I never imagined that she had a beak, This was a surprise XD
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I'm glad you are posting your artwork on DA now! Yay for Katana!

Yeah, will we ever learn the lesson that simpler outfits is better in sequential art?