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If anyone is interested, i have my Usagi Yojimbo watercolor and ink piece up for sale on ebay…

All proceeds go to comic book legend Stan Sakai and his wife Sharon Sakai to help cover medical bills.
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I'm excited to share news about this cool new Kickstarter book called Masters of Anatomy. It will feature over 60 artists wither their own renditions of the human form. I will be part of this book! I'm very honored to be involved and also very intimidated by the list of artists involved. Masters of Anatomy

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Just heard the terrible news that Wilson Williams Jr. passed away.:iconwilsonwjr: I'm absolutely shocked.

What a tremendous talent he was, and what a kind hearted person. He and I corresponded quite often when I first joined Deviant. He was always one of those guys I looked forward to hearing from. Over the past couple years we hadn't really talked and just in the past two weeks or so we briefly reconnected over Facebook. The world is going to be a less colorful place without him. I pray that his beautiful work lives on to amaze, inspire, and entertain all who view it. 
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I wish everyone here on DA, a very fun and safe Halloween!
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Well, i just realized it's been since Christmas since I wrote a new journal. Things are going well. Scary how fast half a year can go. Some fun things in the works that I hope I can post soon! Enjoy the nice warm weather and if you are in the far southern hemisphere, enjoy the nice cooler weather approaching.
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Wishing everyone on DA a very safe and happy holiday season! Hoping 2012 brings great things...not a giant comet, solar flares, or other things I have scary dreams about.
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Hope everyone enjoys their turkey!
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I am about 75 percent done with a Halloween illustration for this year but life has been a bit too crazy for my personal work. My work with Cryptozoic has been so much fun, I wish I could share that at this time, hopefully later. My family and I recently moved, about 3/4 of a mile from our former house. Right now I'm sitting in a sea of boxes and junk trying to get my studio/office/man-cave back in order. That is my excuse for not having my Halloween illustration completed.

Thanks so much to all of you that sent me birthday greetings, that was very exciting to see and made me very happy.

Happy Halloween!
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My last three posts I think the color looks like complete CRAP compared to what they are supposed to look like. Not sure why this is different. I've always struggled with getting my stuff to look decent online. For the most part, my work always looks washed out and muddy and I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

Any technical advice from anyone in prepping imagery to be posted? I'm ready to put my fist or head through my cheap-ass monitor.
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The BAD...
Well...not in any way offending the convention... Wizard World Chicago turned out to be a kick in the ass for me ego-wise. I could not even GIVE my prints away for free! That goes the same for my Shrek comics.  It was truly an eye opener and a lesson learned. What to do, what not to do as well as what I lacked. This was my first time ever having a table so it was pretty interesting, now I can say I finally tried it out.

The GOOD...
BUT, the weekend was still a HUGE BLAST due to the support of my bestest of buddies. My brother-in-law Jim sat with me and manned the table when I was gone. My buddies Joel :iconhaaspodge:, Jay :iconjaytotheworld:, and Jason all showed up for support. Joel surprised me with a custom Mighty Mugg of ME! (I will post pics soon) It proudly sat at my table. Other good friends of mine I got to chat with were Matt Bellisle :icongravitydsn:, Dan Mead :icondanielmead:, Kiley Beecher :iconkileybeecher:. Check out their fantastic work here on Deviant.

What saved my butt at the con was that I did manage to do a few commisions for some super awesome people including :icon5chmee:. I will be posting some of those soon as well.

One of the BEST parts of the con was meeting up with longtime DA friends and idols like Jay Fosgitt :iconjayfosgitt:, Mike Henry :iconzatransis:, Enrique Rivera :icon3nrique:, Nick Volkert :iconnickv47: and Jon Kulczar :icon5chmee:. Your artwork always inspires and it was so cool to meet you guys in person and thanks for the inspiration and encouraging words! You guys are the greatest.

Thanks again for an incredible weekend!
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As a reminder this week I'll be in Artist Alley at Wizard World: Chicago. This Thursday (or Friday) to Sunday at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. I'll be at table 3510. Stop in and say hello!
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Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on my Deviant page. I apologize to all my friends who I've kept poor contact with. Some major changes happened and are happening for me and my family in 2011, and things will begin to slow down a bit for a little while toward the end of the Summer. All great stuff, and things I'm VERY thankful for.

I've developed a close working relationship with the talented folks at Cryptozoic Entertainment, who are the developers of some incredible products. Check them out...

They have been super cool to me and I'm thankful to be associated with them. Since last summer I've been working with them on their latest game development "FOOD FIGHT" which has been a dream to illustrate.

Get yourself some official Food Fight desktops! The game arrives in August, and I'm very excited to see the finished printed piece.…

This summer will be my first time as an artist in Artist Alley at Wizard World: Chicago. I've been attending the event as a fan since 1992, and now this year I'll be on the other side of the table which is very exciting for me. The con will be held August 11th to the 14th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. So if you find yourself in the Chicago area, stop by and say hello!
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Another year has passed and another stack of Christmas cards will be hitting the post office this week. As usual, I'm very sad about neglecting my Deviant communications, I blame my day job, family and freelance work. ALL THINGS I'M THANKFUL FOR. Hopefully I can catch up on my messages dating back to spring of last year. I'm very embarrassed.

I started a new "FACES OF SANTA" project this year and hopefully each Christmas I can add more designs. I have 4 or 5 designs sketched out. Hopefully I can work up one more before the 25th.

  • Listening to: Bing Crosby
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  • Drinking: coffee is Fall and I've barely been on Deviant all summer long. which depresses me because I miss chatting with all the cool and talented people I meet on the site.

I've been real busy with freelance work, as well as getting to know my new baby boy who was born in July! He is a GREAT kid, and as I'm typing this it is 2:00 AM. I know as soon as I go to bed, he's going to wake up and I'll be up till 2:45 giving him a bottle.

I have not responded to any messages as of lately, I promise I will soon!
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I gotta catch up on my correspondence. Yikes...

I posted the remainder of my Shrek covers with APE Entertainment, and a fun new pinup I drew for Chris & Shane Houghton's AWESOME western adventure comic, REED GUNTHER :iconreedgunther:

check out and purchase the comics at

I just finished a fan magazine cover for the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub TeeKay-421. I'm super excited about it, but I won't post it till September when the issue comes out.

Best wishes!
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Hello Fellow Deviants!

It has been a very busy Spring for me but things are slowing down a bit for more focus on family and my new son that will be arriving in July. I'm bummed that I have not been able to work on much personal stuff, but hopefully some more work soon. As usual I'm blown away by all the talent on DA. I've really gotta catch up on my correspondence. Apologies to anyone I have not replied to lately.

I will be posting some more Shrek covers soon, so I'm thrilled about that. I'm working on a foreign Star Wars fan club project too which I'm very excited about. more info on that later as well.

Enjoy the heat, and for those far south of the Equator, enjoy the cool weather!
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This morning I was very saddened to hear that Pat Carlucci :iconpatcarlucci: passed away. I did not know Pat personally, but I had spoken to him a few times here on Deviant. What a talent he was. I loved his illustrations, and he seemed like such a cool and funny guy.

I have this witch illustration posted to the left here, that I drew around Halloween. This particular drawing was inspired by Pat's work. It always upsets me when good people leave us too early. But when it's talented people that make the world a more colorful place, that makes it even worse.

I hope Pat is looking down and can see how many people truly admired him and his work.
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Where has the year gone? another Christmas is here, and unfortunately only one Christmas themed illustration this year. I was hoping for more. I wish everyone here on Deviant a VERY HAPPY Holiday season and creative 2010!
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Well, it's Halloween Eve, just gearing up for the big day tommorow. This year I dressed up as Ed Norton from the classic sitcom "the Honeymooners". Our theme for our office work party was "Dead Celebrities". I picked a simple costume dressing as Art Carney in his iconic role, since he passed a way not too long ago. My coworkers dressed in the likes of Bob Marley, Vincent Price, Anna Nicole Smith, Andy Kaufman, Sonny Bono, Hunter S. Thompson ect... ect.

Thanks for some of the kind comments toward my recent work, it is very encouraging to me, what a great community on Deviant.

My daughter is going as Kermit the Frog this year, she looks super cute.

I wish everyone a safe and HAPPY Halloween!
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Wow, what a fast summer, and a busy one. I have not posted a journal entry since May, that is pretty sad. I will try to do better. Hopefully I'll have some Halloween stuff coming soon!

I hope all is well with everyone!
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