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Thundaar the Barbarian

I loved this show when i was a kid. I remember getting in an argument with a friend about who would win in a fight, Ookla the Mok or Chewbacca?

I miss the 80's...
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Great pic love this style!
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Now that's what I'm talking about.
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The BEST show! I love your take on it. 
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Nostalgia!!Good work!!
brosssa's avatar
Man, whata strong stile!
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I have fond memories of this show as well. Thanks for bringing back the Barbarian!
LioNeL-K's avatar
hahaha, this reminded me when I had an argument about who would win a fight, Cringer/Battle-Cat or Thirty Thirty... :D
Fonzzz002's avatar
lovely style!!
Neo128's avatar
Ha ha... Great job! I remember this crew. Looks like some of their family friendliness has worn off... Must be all those years out of work. :D
Emerson-Fialho's avatar
Waw! Simply SPETACULAR!!!! Amazing characters, congratulations!!! Very well done...
Keep it up!
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thanks man! always a fan of your work ;)
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YESSS! This is a show that needs to be remade now.
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Haha, always awesome to know another fan. :)
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oh how I loved Thundaar!
RobbVision's avatar
me too! Kind of like He-Man...before He-Man?
kidchuckle's avatar
yeah! those HB cartoons were a riot!
Letdragon's avatar
They should remake the show in your style. Awesome! :D
RobbVision's avatar
aww thanks, but I'd rather see it in a different style than mine! This show could be done so many ways!
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You're welcome. Oh you're right about that, I just love the edginess of your version. :D
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