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The Hodag

This was my entry for the "BEASTS! Two" book through Fantagraphics Books. They had an open submission call for an vacant spot in the book. It was not accepted, but the winning submission looks awesome. So check the book out when it goes up for sale!

This creature is the Hodag or "Black Hodag". I grew up seeing depictions of this fabled beast on family vacations. It supposedly haunted late 19th Century logging camps and the great Northwoods until it was "captured" by lumberjacks.
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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a YouTube channel and I make some videos about legends ... In one of them I will talk about this legend and I would like to have some images about it and I found your drawing interesting since I need something like that. Could I use it for my video? Of course I would leave credits to you. thanks for your time

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I am from WI, I am a big of all things Hodag. Love the fish. Nice detail
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Sweet. It would be funny if the fish was furry.
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I was born in rhinelander!
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That is one awesome looking monster... Never heard of these guys but that book sounds awesome :D
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Oh this is so charming :D
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thanks, a guy tatooed this on his arm!!!
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Ah, the Hodag. It's a shame that it isn't as popular as Bigfoot or Mothman- he's such a cool guy. :)
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I know, he's a northwesterner and we are generally made fun of or ignored...
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Wow. This is a really different style from most Hodag pictures I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a few.

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COOL!!! Are you a northwoods resident?
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Yep! And darn proud of it too. :D
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helll yeah!!!! HIGH FIVE to my fellow lumberjack!
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This is awesome! I'm from the Northwoods - Eagle River actually, and seeing this makes me smile! You've capture the critter's devilish nature and still managed to make it cute! Great job!
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thanks bud! Eagle River is an awesome place! I did a mascot character of a Hodag for a bar up in Rhinelander. I should post it.

Thanks for your kind words.
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That's awesome! I'd love to see it. If you do post it, send me a note. Or maybe I'll just give the bar a visit...

Which one did you do it for?
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I have a feeling they never did anything with it, because the guy was supposed to show me pictures when the stuff was up. I also went to their site and there was nothing different. BUMMER!
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