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Sketch Dragon

By RobbVision
Here is another piece for my upcoming web site. I love dragons.
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I am curious if this sketch is for sale please?

Thank you


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The dragon is doing really good sketching that skull.
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i WISH i could illustrate like this! what beautiful, clean lines and detail! jealous <3
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I love this dragon because he's so artistic!
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I too love dragons!! =D This pic kinda reminds me of Gadzooks the sketch dragon from The Fire Within (at least I THINK that's what it's called^^;...losing memory)
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I was just thinking that!! XD It's called Gadzooks and it's a writing dragon with a notebook.
XD I loved those books...
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there was a baby Godzilla named "Godzookie" in an old animated series from the 70's or 80's.
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Baby Godzilla?! CUTE!
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Very nice, I love this kind of dragon pic :D
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Quite welcome :D
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Lol he is so cute I love his little wings
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thanks! I think the wings are useless on him though...
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thats what makes them so cute though
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why thank you!!
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And he's a good artist too.
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Wow! This is a really great picture :clap:
Love the details on the scales, his expression and strangely enough his elbow... :-o
Your gallery is an inspiration, and I love your dinos. Keep up the good work :)
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thanks a lot!!!

Glad you picked up o nthe little details. You are very kind!!!
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:laughing: I'm a detailfreak, so of course I love your work!
It's really inspirational :D
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that is cool to hear!!!! i greatly appreciate that.
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