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Another new "made-up dino" for ...

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These dinos are great!
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I love it. ^^ The colours are great.
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much appreciated!
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Wow that kinda inspires me. Your use of colors is really cool and i think it's really interesting how you on one hand made the dino itself quite compact but on the other hand gave it so much detail. i know my opinion as a noob might not be the most professional here^^, but your dinosaurs (like all of them i guess) are really great and are already in the atmosphere of being settled in the prehistoric world (does that make sense actually?). Well however, hope to see more dinos coming, this one got you a fav^^
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hey thanks a lot! thanks for checking out my work!

what you said about them being "settled" in a prehistoric world is very cool to hear. My goal is to always create things in my cartoony style but still maintain a sense of semi-realism

thanks friend!
You're welcome. I've still got a long way togo, but i hope to become as good as you someday and draw a lot of dinosaurs then^^
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This is so cool :D Love the tiny-arms-giant-feet-combination, but hey, that's how dinos look; nature's cartoon :) ...And I faved it ;)
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they are natures cartoon! Good point! thanks.
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Love it!
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thanks a lot! A lot of people see the name and think something else...
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Hey. Just cheked out the blog. Great stuff.
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thanks Jed, I love your illsutrations!
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Just loved the colors and the action posture!
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thanks Alex!!!!! How is your New Year so far?
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So far so good, I been working on several projects at the same time, so, sorry for the delay 'cause I haven't been around. But it's great working here in the Studio.

:D By the way, I saw your picture with your daughter dressed as siths LOL it's great and awesome retouch as well. Take care and my best wishes to you.
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Hey Alex!!

Sorry my reply is so late! I've been off DA for a while...

thanks on the photo retouch. It was a lot of fun, and a gag for my brother-in-law. He has a Maul lightsaber mounted on his wall!
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So many weapons! He can gouge you then swallow you whole!
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yeah, he could hold his own agaisnt a Triceratops!
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