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I'm VERY proud to show art for a NEW Kickstarter I'm involved with. A fun card game called I HATE ZOMBIES done with my pal Chad Krizan at! I designed a bunch of characters for it, lots of fun and weird creations.  Please support the project!…
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This looks so damn amazing!
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Negaduck9's avatar
Nice!  I really like your inks.  Colors ain't shabby either!

The man reminds me of Mitch from ParaNorman.
ArsonDadko's avatar
Pretty freakin' sweet! I love the color palette and dynamic style. :)
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shashia's avatar
Very colorful!
Ziggy-FoxCat's avatar
Sum zombies gun die t'day
eduardovieira's avatar
WHY you're so goodddddddddddddddddddddddd \o/
AZTECH2009's avatar
I would get it just for your art alone. 
AlexRamallo's avatar
That is BAD ASS!
ThatOrangeDragon's avatar
haha I love the style, reminds me of those old British comic books :)
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stayte-of-the-art's avatar
Beautiful stuff (also gross!)
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Great art my friend!! I'd like to watch a tutorial from you
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Robb, you are fast becoming one of my favorite artists on the internet!  Love this work you did for this and I want to OWN all the original artwork you created of the characters!  Second to that, you NEED to put out an ART OF book!  That might be more affordable for me. Still, how much for everything you've ever done?
DerekLaufman's avatar
That looks amazing! Good luck with the KS!
Dylanio21's avatar
This is so good I am actually going to submit to this for the first time ever!
ZAPF-zeichnet's avatar
This looks amazing! Just watched the video. Yeah the humans look even more awesome than the zombies. Good luck with the game. 
PassiveSnack's avatar
Holy macaroni is this not friggin awesome?! Your work rocks, dude!
Sibsy's avatar
I'd be proud too! Holy smokes Rob, this is stunning!!
JeffVictor's avatar
holy awesomesauce!
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