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Greasy Spoon Kitchen

Here is a screen for the IOS version of Cryptozoic's FOOD FIGHT game that illustrated this past year.
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throw a quarter in the crack  win a prize

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This looks really cool. It reminds of the diners i used to go to all the time with my parents when i was a kid ^^
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Well, at least it has a certificate. It's certified...
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Hmmm... I can taste the fat fumes and the smoke of the cigarette in the air. :D (Big Grin) 
Awesome details.
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The level of detail and gritty greasy spoon feel just radiates off this deviation. Man, I got a hankering to hit a diner now!
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I love how he's trying to fry eggs, french fries, and egg shells in the same skillet...
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The Most American Restauraunt
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I have been to one of these before. Very cool!
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so very detailed and wonderful, it makes me want to download the game :)
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Nice job! And reminds me the movie Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi lol
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I love this style its just like a story book. 😃
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Love it! Great Style.
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It reminds me to a chapter of Invader Zim... X)
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Great layout!
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Would be a great ad for Tums .😷😫
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Funny :D (Big Grin)
Great work details is awesome.
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