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Here is the latest bit of cover artwork for the Belgian Star Wars Fanclub TeeKay-421. A really great club.


These were always the three main Ewoks for me, Logray, Chirpa, and Wicket. Logray was my favorite. I tried to show the fierce nature of these little guys. I know everyone hates them, but I was one of the few that loved them. But eight-year old me was the main target of Kenner Toys and Lucasfilm back in 1983, so that is my excuse.
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like swampbillies
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The cannibal savages shown in Return of the Jedi, not the Harvey-like cuties in Marvel's Star comics. (what ones I had were all stolen  by a burglar !).

It took Luke and C3P0 to read them the riot act !
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I love your use of color and line :3
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Really like this!
A lot of people also tend to forget that the Ewoks along with Harrison Ford were the only reason why your girlfriend would watch Star Wars with you, it certainly was the case for mine!
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Why does everything always look so good in the RobbVision style?
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Haha! I love the expressions on their faces. Too cool!
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The best - I love this Ewok concept
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this is fantastic! I wasn't an Ewok fan back then, but I didn't hate them either. I think for the ones that do, the "hate" might be aimed more towards the children-targeting-tactic then anything else. 'Course when JarJar showed up, the Ewoks seem like gems, haha ;) :lol: I don't hate JarJar either :)

great piece; you shouldn't have to defend/explain your childhood faves, likes, etc. :D I bet there're probably more Ewok fans than Empire fans ;)
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Yub, yub, yo! =D
"...So, she looks over to her husband, then sets it back down in her lap and says, 'Honey, this one's eating my popcorn.'"- Agent K ("Men in Black", 1997)
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I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hahaha I loved them too very much, it was my favorite show when I was a little kid back then. Aaah, good memories!
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This is amazing, and it takes me back in a really fun way. Fantastic job!
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Eeheehee! They so cuddly!
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Blinking eye ewoks!
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Great work!:nod: And I used to love the characters in all the Star Wars movies...nah kidding...but I thought they were adorable...would like to see the Ewok film again, loved that as a kid. I wanted to live in their 'tree houses' in the forest:giggle:
It says you used traditional media? Ink and...? I am curious..:D
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love it dude!
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Ahahahah! I love their expressions!
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adorable expressions and colors are perfect!!!
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I love this, excellent work :)
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