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Fratelli d'HETALIA
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Published: July 2, 2009
Yup,I'm into Hetalia fandom,too.xD
and WOOT,my Country is the protagonist!Although we don't make a good impression :XD:"" but it's mostly true,Italians are really,REALLY,close to Veneziano and Romano's attitude xD
And,of course,we love PASTAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

The she-wolf nurseing two twins-Romolo and Remo,founders of Rome-is the symbol of the City and our anthem is "Fratelli d'Italia" ("Brothers of Italy") I couldn't help doing this xD
S.P.Q.R. is for "Senatus Populusque Romanus".
so technically,Veneziano and Romano are under Grandpa Rome.:rofl:
if you want to see the original statue:[link]

Italy Brothers from Axis Powers Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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JustALittleAmerican|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH MY GOD WHY DID I THINK OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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remus and romulus and the she wolf 
nice job!!!!!
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vampcute|Student Digital Artist
LOL ><
BEST pics EVA~♥
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JayNL09|Hobbyist General Artist
Bellissima *^*
Mi sa che è l'unica fanart riguardo Feli e Lovi e i gemelli Romolo e Remo :D
Hai davvero avuto una bella idea!
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ArthurIglesias|Hobbyist General Artist
Loved how you combined the two with an ancient symbol (and down to the ahoge on the wolf's tail jajajajaja)
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LarayaDracomshu|Hobbyist General Artist
awesome.....just awesome....
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Ashrooms|Hobbyist General Artist
Grandpa Rome has she-wolf parts?
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Cosmic--Chaos|Hobbyist General Artist
This is too funny :XD:
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LyraZeldaCyndaquil's avatar
It's actually really small,isn't it?
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Robbuz's avatar
Robbuz| Digital Artist
well,they made some copies of that statue that are pretty small,but the original one is about life-size ^^
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gumgum-san's avatar
The true symbol of Rome!

( =ヮ= ): Suckle with me, Romano!
(=`△= ): Not until it tastes like tomato juice!
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Elle268|Hobbyist General Artist
this is just great :clap:
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rattino|Hobbyist Photographer
Great idea:worship:!:D sou funny
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RidensGirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ahahahahah stupendaaaaa! XD
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SakuraB09|Hobbyist Digital Artist
.___. why does this wolf have boobs?
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berbliz's avatar
Oh, the expression on the she-wolf just cracks me up! XD
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Giuly-Nyah|Student Artist
é mitico!
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FrauV8|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's really funny and so cute. :XD:

I think I may had actually seen the original statue when I used to live in Italy all those years ago...
Good old memories of Italy - going to a pasta factory, random field trips to ancient ruins, Vatican City and Rome, fresh mozzarella cheese and pizza... *sigh*
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Robbuz| Digital Artist
:XD: yes,Italy is a very beautiful country,even though living here makes it less beautiful XD but still is a lovely place to visit:heart:

And I love Ludwig in your icon!<333
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FrauV8|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lolz... :XD:
I've said the same thing to my classmate before - Italy is a country one should definitely visit but not live in (I lived in Naples, which isn't a 100% great place to be in).

And thanks! :D
(But unfortunately not everyone thinks that with my icon; I had to give a few people the 'lecture' :XD: )
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Attashi|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The wolf has a sort of "Spain" expression /shot

btw I love italy! We went there years ago and I had so much fun, but it was during that bloody heatwave so it was hot DX
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I'm italian you have wrong.
Fratelli d'Italia
no: d'hetalia
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koookeees|Hobbyist General Artist
the show is called hetalia, she purposely replaced it.
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LOL la faccia della lupa *muore*
uahahahahah magnifica fanart XDXD viva l'Italia ù.u
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