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Emmett - Gluttony



I'm really busy these days,there're too much things to do@.@ two b-day gifts and an anime that I MUST finish èçé so sorry if it's awful and not much polished><''

well,let's talk about the pic...
I've chose Emmett for this sin because he's the most glottonous of the CullensXD As Edward told us,he killed two girls because he couldn't resist to the thirst,and so he let himself go to the gluttony.
The eye is black as hungry vampires have
The glass full of blood is the symbol of the vampirish gluttonyXD as well as the blood stains on the floor to represent the brutality of his thirst.
the candieson the background are a classic symbol of this sin-at least for us humansXD-
The majority of us is greedy of sweets and so they mostly represent gluttony.-even if I hate sweetsXD-
the (half)naked body it's because gluttony is a "material" sin,that tempts flesh and lays bare human weakness against temptations.
The orange/browns are warm earthly colours,that represent well this sin(and food in general)
Finally,the chairis symbol of laziness,particular sign of glottonous peopleXD

hope you like it^^-sorry for the poor english as alwaysXD-

Emmett Cullen from Twilight

candies brushes (c) ~KeReN-R

EDIT:eye explanation addedXD
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Oh yes, I enjoy it!

This kind of reminds me of Beelzebub from Umineko, though...ah, whatever. Good work as always.