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Edward x Bella- L u l l a b y

This is the scene when Bella and Edward are in Bella's room,and she doesn't want to sleep.So Edward sings to Bella the lullaby he composed for her.
Edward and Bella from Twilight
questa è la scena in cui Bella ed Edward sono nella stanza di lei,la quale non vuole dormire.Allora Edward per farla addormentare le canta la ninna nanna che ha composto per lei*-*
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May I use this for a reference?

will credit you if permitted :)

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sure, go ahead! As long as credits are kept all it's fine :D :heart:

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Big thanks! Will of course totally give you the proper credit!

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SQUEE! I finally found you (been looking all over for you too), and I just love your art!

I think this pix is very cute, daw~
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so heartwarming
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Love the art work,it's so cute....
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awwww extra luv <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333333333
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That's so sweet! :3
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oh my god that just made the thaught of edward watching bella when she's sleeping , go from creepy to adorable
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you have great art skills :D kudos to you
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I love this drawing <3
Team Edward forever :')
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I love your Twilight work!!
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I love how you made Bella blush!
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AHH I WANT TO BE BELLA SOO BAD! Edward is so amazing!
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I envy bella in this picture
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Couldn't help but notice- his hair looks like L's! 8D
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