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Crime Scene

By Robbuz
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I spent at least 3 hours before choosing her clothes :XD: a lot of ideas but none seemed to match Misa's style. Hope this one looks fine on her XD
Third one of the dark series! I'm having fun with it since it's a way to improve my use of dark tones...I always used bright colours for my art, so it's good to change once in a while.

I really like to portrait Misa. She's often hated because she acts stupid and is annoying with Light, but I actually really like her character. She's not that stupid -of course she looks like it if compared with L or Light- but most of all, I like how she's cheerful and lively, when she's definitely dead inside. Consider it, she sacrificed all her morality, her conscience, herself to be loved by someone who clearly just used her and never returned her feelings. She killed her soul for love and is nothing but an empty shell. So, although she technically lives, she's already dead from the start. Maybe that's why Shinigamis feel attracted by her, I think she's closer to look like a Shinigami than Light does.
Misa is a very deep, underrated character. :(

Hope you like it :heart:

Misa Amane from Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata
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wow...Pretty Chick :D
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Reminds me of Hatsune Miku's song The World Is Mine.
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Thank you for letting us feature this during our Month of Misa Amane!…
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Only a true fan of death note would see Misa's character like you <3
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Amen to Misa being underrated!
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nice picture, although misa is so annoying
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Slightly different style from what Misa normally wears since it's generally way frillier and overdone. Personally I found her version way too much and love your simple but exotic version. Please no one rip my head of for saying simple since it's obviously anything but design wise I just mean it's easy for the eye to take in without becoming overwhelmed.

Overall really like her innocent but suggestive posture and the lighting and rose petals really add to the picture, the rose petal on top of the skull and the way she's sort of curled around it was an interesting touch.

Your opinion of Misa; why can't anyone else see that!? I tend to read more than I watch art but she's almost always displayed as a weak, stupid character which has resulting in me rather disliking her fan art/stories about her however once in a blue moon I'll find one that portrays her similar to how you've described and been smitten for her. Misa has so much potential as a character that isn't used personally I think if she'd approached Light as a friend instead of a smitten fan girl things would have been very different since he might have actually noticed her potential that way.
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I like how you described Misa. And yes, I like her because of what you said (thanks for opening my eyes). She is deeper than it seems. And she's not dumb at all, plus, she's one of the only human-like character in the series, along with Matsuda. Many of the others just act after thinking deeply for ages because they're geniuses, but despite the fact she's intelligent and smart, she's impulsive and funny. Yet dead inside.
Actually I can relate to her in some points.

Very good art, sexy and classy.

I wish to see Mello or Matt art by you :heart:
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ahh theres not much good misa fan art so BRAVO!
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Nice job! She looks very hauntingly pretty here :rose:
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I really like how you described Misa. I agree. As always your art is beautiful.
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I completely agree with everything you just said about Misa. I freaking love her and never understood why until you put it into those words.

Thank you.
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Tanta roba! *_* E' venuta davvero bene!
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Oh gosh everything you said is pretty much why I love Misa but never had words for.

Lovely work on the piece and lovely words on the character.
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EVERYTHING you just said about Misa.



I love you and will forever worship you and your awesomeness artsss.
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I want her outfit!!! Great job once again!
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Amazing! I love this soooo much =D
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wow! she looks amazing! well done!
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I actually liked Misa, yeah she acted dumb but she was just... cheerful and hyper! It was in her nature to act this way people!!! lol I liked her over all character design and make up as well. I felt sorry for her because of what Light was doing to her and I admired her for giving up what she did just to be noticed and accepted by the person that she loved. I mean a lot of people don't like her and think she's a useless character and whatnot but I actually found Takada to be waaaaaay more useless. (maybe that's because I hated Takada I don't know ^^; ) lol
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So true ! I hate Takada, but regardless my feelings towards her, I think she is just useless, uninteresting, just empty... no personality, nothing. Even her appearance is "empty". She's just so... ghosty ! Well, I hated her. Just plain annoying !
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She really was just an uninteresting, boring character!
BubblyDoll's avatar
Yup, that sums it up ! :D

Btw, MxM ftw ! :heart:
hiddenlotaslee's avatar
lol Yup!

Yes MxM is amazing! :heart:
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THIS is so true. Takada was pretty useless if compared with Misa :\ I mean, it was "thanks" to Misa that Light managed to kill L, also Light actually killed Takada after that she wasn't of help anymore, but kept Misa alive with the thought that she could have been useful again, that means something :XD:.
But I hate Takada too, so I don't know neither LOL :rofl:
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