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I spent at least 3 hours before choosing her clothes :XD: a lot of ideas but none seemed to match Misa's style. Hope this one looks fine on her XD
Third one of the dark series! I'm having fun with it since it's a way to improve my use of dark tones...I always used bright colours for my art, so it's good to change once in a while.

I really like to portrait Misa. She's often hated because she acts stupid and is annoying with Light, but I actually really like her character. She's not that stupid -of course she looks like it if compared with L or Light- but most of all, I like how she's cheerful and lively, when she's definitely dead inside. Consider it, she sacrificed all her morality, her conscience, herself to be loved by someone who clearly just used her and never returned her feelings. She killed her soul for love and is nothing but an empty shell. So, although she technically lives, she's already dead from the start. Maybe that's why Shinigamis feel attracted by her, I think she's closer to look like a Shinigami than Light does.
Misa is a very deep, underrated character. :(

Hope you like it :heart:

Misa Amane from Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata
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Misa is rly deep Im happy someone else likes her!!

This is getting a favorite :D