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Western Spotted Skunk 3

The Western Spotted Skunk you may recognize from a few of my previous submissions friendly little guy, and a great model to boot. I imagine if I ever run across another spotted skunk, I will not end up quite so well off as I did here. :)
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Mar 24, 2014, 11:31:13 PM
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2SkunkySkunks's avatar
Stinky: Snuggly, little sweetie! ^_^ :love: :heart: And stinker. :giggle:
WackyComputer's avatar
I saw this photo in the paper today. I hope they paid you.…
robbobert's avatar
They did not. Thank you for letting me know. If you have a moment to respond, is this paper printed, or is it digital-only?
WackyComputer's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. It was printed as well. That's where I first saw it.
2SkunkySkunks's avatar
robbobert's avatar
Glad you like it. :) Definitely a cute little guy.
ScarabsCorner's avatar
your welcome and omg he is I wish we had these sweeties over here. we have the classic striped skunks
arisuferret's avatar
makes me wish i were a vet :D
IamStanfan's avatar
Ohh litlle cutie!8IS THIS WEARD THAT I TELL?XD)
robbobert's avatar
I am happy you like it. :) Even if skunks are a little smelly, I think they are still very cute too. ;)
IamStanfan's avatar
Me too!And np!
TeelaWolf's avatar
DX Why can't the Skunks where I live look this cute?! It's so adorable~
robbobert's avatar
I've seen some cute striped skunks before. But definitely not as many. ;)Spotted skunks really do take the cake as far as I'm concerned.
3DShe's avatar
What a cute animal!!
robbobert's avatar
Glad you like it. :) They certainly are adorable.
gokuyert's avatar
skunks are so cute!
robbobert's avatar
Not all skunks are cute, but these guys are definitely at the top of the list as far as that goes. :)
The-Dude-L-Bug's avatar
Nice shot.

LOL! Just be careful if they start stamping their front feet at you.. 
or worse, do a handstand!
It may seem entertaining, but don't let the acrobatics fool ya - it's a common firing pose for the spotted stinkers!
Unlike their striped relatives that turn their backs on a foe to spray;
the handstand position allows these to still look at you (vastly improving their aim). 
They simply fold their tails down across their back and let it rip! 
robbobert's avatar
Yep, I'm quite aware of their handstands. SOme of the other folks that were with me here were really hoping he would do one for us so we could get it on film, but no luck. No luck at all… :)
robbobert's avatar
Thank a bunch. :thanks:
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