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Having a bit of fun experimenting with the armour, doing a bit of photo editing and painting. Got a lot more to do on this piece!  
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I love it, but something is bothering me
Shouldnt the opening of the helmet be more to the left
But still awesome, hope I could draw Luke this
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Oh yes, thanks for point that out! I'll try and correct that! :) 
FrozenFrog98's avatar
Its not so bad, just wanted to know if this was intentionall
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very cool man, like it. great texture as always. like the shadowed face for the mystery . cool character and armor
gerrit105's avatar
This armor looks sick!
On what is it inspired?
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I looked at a few Maltese armours, and generally late 16th century armours. The main character in the Dark souls 2 cinematics I took inspiration from too.
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This is stunning! 
Looks like a photo!
I really like the lighting reflecting on the armor! :)
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Thanks :) 
That's because it mostly is :) Took a picture of myself in my armour. 
Going to edit the armour and costume for a different design. Focusing on 
design rather than painting skill on this one :) Although the character will 
mostly end up painted.
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