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Study painting

Soldier study painting, using myself and equipment :)
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Beautiful You have caught the gleaming armour and the pose of a man at arms awaiting instructions perfectly!

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The helmet seems a little big though.
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Yeah, it is. This was before I learned about historically accurate stuff :)
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Your helm to big or is it the perspective? It should be pretty close fitting to your head even if you got mail and such under it. Nice work :) cheers
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Thanks! Yeah the helmet I was wearing was a cheap reproduction, and they tend to be too big. A bit of a shame but it works to a degree.  
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cool - yeah it looks like the mail you have is a better fit I saw in one of the pictures. I just started learning some armored fighting - half sword, spear rondel dagger or I might not of noticed! Still nice fun work, enjoyed going through your gallery! Cheers
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its like photo wow
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This is a painting..?!!
As usual I love your work! You requested critique so here goes nothing.

The way you paint metal is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way you did the mail. I'd like to note though that it looks like the cloak seems to be inked, whereas the rest of the picture seems to be lineless (don't know the proper terminology, I'm not an expert :P). It looks a bit weird because of that in my opinion, almost out of place. Perhaps the darkest lines on the cloak should be slightly lighter?
Again, awesome work. :D
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Ah cool thanks :) yeah I'll keep that in mind for the future. 
Yeah the lighting was a little strange on the cloak cape thing. 
Maybe I should have put in some artistic license. Cheers! :)  
Turns out there's a dedicated button for critique... Huh. I'm not good with technology clearly...
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very nice man, always doing great on the metal textures :)
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Dam you gotta be kidding!
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wow. You keep making awesome pieces of work. Nicely done.
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